Wired vs Wireless Backup Camera Systems

When it comes to backup camera systems one of the biggest differences you’ll notice is the difference between a wired camera system and a wireless backup camera system.

In short both systems require 12 volts power going to the camera usually found directly at the reverse taillight and 12 volts power going to the monitor usually found at the fuse box.

The difference between a wired and wireless system is when it comes to the video cable that connects the camera and monitor or lack thereof. With a wired system you have to run a video cable to the rear of the vehicle and find a way to hide it while running it all the way to the front of the vehicle.

Wired Back up camera systems

The pros:

With a wired system is that you get a reliable system that is bound to work without flaw and the price difference is usually substantially less than what you would pay for a reliable wireless system.

The cons:

It can take plenty of patience to hide and run a wire from the back of the vehicle all the way to the front of the vehicle especially if you have a large vehicle.

With a wireless system you will receive a monitor and camera that are dependent on one another as the monitor will carry a receiver and the camera will have a built in video transmitter without the need for a connecting video cable.

Wireless Back up camera systems

The pros:

With a wireless system you get the convenience of a simple installation without having to run any wires.

The cons:

A wireless system that works of an analog signal (most do) can be extremely unreliable prone to drop signals and easily pick up static from a variety of different products that also work off a standard analog signal such as a baby monitor.

If you must go wireless make sure you purchase a wireless system that works off a digital signal such as the VTX3600.

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