Kicker Dual CompR Subwoofer Ported Enclosure

Why pre-loaded subwoofer enclosures?

Pre­loaded subwoofers make the life of a car audio junkie so much easier. We want big bass. And we’re American so we want it as easily as possible. Pre­loaded enclosures are ready to go, toss one in your trunk, the back seat, wherever. You don’t gotta spend two weeks waiting for your buddy to make you box in his free time or over paying an installer. Kicker updated their Dual CompR Subwoofer loaded enclosures this year and they are seriously impressive.

Kicker 43VCWR122
Kicker 43VCWR122 Single 12 inch subwoofer system

Kicker CompR Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure Product Highlights

  • Available in Single or Dual 10″ and 12″ enclosures
  • Ported Enclosure Box for extended output
  • Designed with drastically rounded corners and internal bracing for strength
  • KICKER MDF box covered with dense gray carpeting and embroidered logo
  • Constructed with durable MDF
  • Dual 2 Ohm voice-coils
  • Injection molded Polypropolene cone woofer
  • Santoprene rubber surround for excellent control of woofer cone

Kickers 2nd from the best subwoofer enclosures!

You can get a Dual CompR enclosure with 10″ subwoofers or 12″ subwoofers, or a single enclosure with one 12″ subwoofer. They’re extremely durable, take up a good amount of space and weigh about the same as a fat baby and a dead dog. (Measurement graphic) These beefy boxes are built for extreme bass with internal bracing, thick MDF construction and custom embroidery.

Kicker 43DCWR122
Kicker 43DCWR122 Dual 12 inch subwoofer system

Kicker Subwoofers – Best in BASS

But a box is only as good as the subwoofers inside. CompR Subwoofers get their boast worthy power handling from their stacked magnet structure. Kicker’s signature double stitching bonds their improved Solokon, which adds rigidity and accurate response, to the ribbed Santrpoene surround, which provides flexibility to eliminate distortion.

These car subwoofers have a final impedance of 2ohm. The dual 10″ has a max power of 1,600 watts, the dual 12″ has a max power of 2,000 watts and the single 12″ has a max power of 1,000 watts.

To provide improved thermal management Kicker designed the structure of the CompR with their UniPlate back plate and Ultra ridged cast aluminum basket.

Links to products featured in this video:

Kicker 43DCWR102 Dual 10″ Car Subwoofer System

Kicker 43DCWR122 Dual 12″ Car Subwoofer System

Kicker 43VCWR122 Single 12″ Car Subwoofer System

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How to wire 2 dual 2 ohm voice coil subwoofers

Checkout our previous post on subwoofer wiring

In response to our blog post Subwoofer Impedance and amplifier output we filmed a video on some of the concepts contained in that post. As we showed in our subwoofer wiring diagrams you can present the amplifier with many different loads depending on how many voice coils and the impedance of those voice coils.

Wrong amplifier and subwoofers

In the example outlined in the video, we show you a hypothetical situation where we cannot connect the two subwoofers we have to the Rockford Fosgate PBR300X2 amplifier. This amplifier requires a two ohm load when bridged and there is no way we can create that load with our Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8 inch low profile subwoofers. These Pioneer subwoofers are better suited for the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D amplifier as it can handle loads as low as 1 ohm.

8 ohm or 1 ohm subwoofer wiring

In the next segment we show you how to wire the Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 subwoofers as either an 8 ohm or 1 ohm load. By creating a 1 ohm load this makes them optimized from most class D mono subwoofer amplifiers.

See the products we used in this video:

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D 500 Watt Car amplifier
Rockford Fosgate PBR300X2 300 Watt Car amplifier
Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8″ low-profile subwoofer

We show you how to wire two 8 inch subwoofers with dual 2 ohm voice coils to create an 8 ohm and 2 ohm load. We also show you how to check your subwoofer impedance. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1, P2, and P3 Subwoofers – Video review

Last week we showed you a complete Pioneer audio system for under $400. This week we are going to talk all about the BASS.

Let’s get started

Rockford Fosgate is known by all bass heads for their relentless hard hitting bass. Rockford has one of the largest line-ups of subwoofers with three different lines. Within those lines there are 3 performance levels. Prime, Punch, and Power are all performance subwoofers and push the envelope with their output.

Rockford Fosgate Prime subwoofers

For those getting started in car audio or for those looking for a little fuller sound we have the Prime series. These entry level woofers are available in the R1 and R2 series in both 10 inch and 12 inch models. R1’s are the least expensive way to get some low-end notes in your ride.

The R2’s are available in shallow and regular mount. They are a step up from the R1’s with their better power handling and more flexible wiring options thanks to their dual voice coil design.

Punch P1 subwoofers

For those looking for some serious bass, Rockford has the Punch series. Punch subwoofers are available in P1, P2, and P3 performance lines. The P1 is the introduction to the Punch line-up. The P1’s are available in 8, 10, 12, and 15 inch. The P1 introduces a linear spider with embedded 16 gauge tinsel leads and are only available in single voice coil. The Kevlar fiber paper cone is extremely rigid and delivers the bass you expect from a Punch series woofer.

Punch P2 subwoofers

The P2 takes all of the P1 features and pushes the envelope even further. The P2 brings added flexibility with its dual voice coil design. The P2 also has a considerably larger motor structure…. The magnet size is increased nearly 40% and has a 2-1/2 inch voice-coil compared the P1’s 2 inch voice coil. The integrated spider and voice-coil venting is a standard feature of all Punch series subwoofers.

Punch P3 subwoofers

The P3 improves on the P2 and pushes subwoofer technology to the limit. The P3’s are available in 10, 12, and 15 models. Rockford has pushed the XMAX limit to nearly 16 millimeters! To get there, Rockford has yet again increased the magnet size by nearly 35% over the P2. The larger VAST surround allows for the increased excursion and adds up to 25% more cone area. The P2 adds an Anodized aluminum cone and dust cap for even more rigidity.

The P3 line-up adds shallow mount subwoofers in 8, 10, and 12 inch models. The shallow mount P3’s incorporate all of the P3 technology in a depth limited package. The M-roll surround allows for nearly 9 millimeters of XMAX and the dual linear spider keeps everything in alignment. The P3 shallow open up new possibilities in otherwise limited applications.

The P3 is the best performing Punch series subwoofer.

All Rockford Punch series woofers include trim rings and are compatible with optional Rockford grills. The trim rings provide a distinct look for a nice finished product.

Punch pre-loaded subwoofers

For those of us not interested in building a box or having one made.. Rockford has the entire Punch and Prime series subwoofers in pre-loaded enclosures. The Punch pre-loaded enclosures are available in P1, P2, and P3 performance levels and utilize the same drivers in 10 and 12 inch.. They are available in Single and dual driver configurations.

Be sure to check out our video on the Rockford fosgate prime subwoofers in pre-loaded enclosures below for more information on them.

Get your Rockford Fosgate subwoofers today at Quality Mobile Video with a 1 year warranty and 30 day returns. Thanks for watching and leave your comments below.

Amp + Subwoofer + Component speakers or under $400

Complete car audio system for under $400

What’s up guys it’s Lorenzo with Quality Mobile Video and today we are going to show you a couple new things from Pioneer.

Where to start

Last week we showed you the Pioneer AppRadio 4 and we’re going to take it a step further rounding out a complete audio system. To start, we will be using a set of component speakers. Pioneer has just introduced their new components and they’re a step up from previous model in a couple of ways.

TS-D1730C Tweeter

Pioneer opted to completely revamp the tweeter. The tweeter was made smaller to more easily fit door pillars, door sails, and factory door locations. The 1 inch tweeter is a soft dome, composite design and establishes a new philosophy for Pioneer called Open and Smooth. This new philosophy is meant to broaden the soundstage beyond the internal walls of your vehicle. The tweeter incorporates a larger rear chamber allowing it to play lower for better synergy with the woofer. The rounded over flange facilitates wider dispersion to create that enveloping sound.

TS-D1730C Woofer

The woofer is all new with it’s composite fibre cone. The cone is extremely rigid and light for high speed mid-bass with minimal distortion at any volume level. To accurately combine these new drivers, Pioneer has redesigned the crossover extensively. The new crossover utilizes high quality components in an easier to mount chassis. +3, -3 and 0db adjustments to the tweeter level, are easily made with the attenuation switch.

TS-SWX2502 Subwoofer

To round out the audio system we need a sub. Pioneer has updated their well known pre-loaded enclosures. The TS-SWX2502 uses their all new line of slim subwoofers. The high quality MDF enclosure is small enough to fit in a cargo area or behind seats. It’s wrapped in high quality black carpet and matches any vehicle. The 10 inch driver provides sufficient bass to round out an audio system in a truck or hatchback.

GM-D1004 4-Channel amplifier

To complete our audio system we need some power. To power our system we opted to use the amazing new pocket size amplifier, the Pioneer GM-D1004. Don’t let the small size fool you, this class FD amplifier packs a perfect punch for our small audio system. The four channel amp can be set up to run 45 watts to each of our stereo speakers and 90 watts bridged to our subwoofer. The amplifier is perfect for any audio system, it accepts speaker level and RCA level inputs. The audio sense turn on makes it perfect for OEM stereo upgrades where remote turn ons are not available. Class FD ensures that it runs cool and very efficiently making it perfect for mounting in hidden locations or behind panels.

Under $400 and is a nice upgrade from a factory system

This system can be added to any vehicle and all for under $400 bucks! I challenge you to find a better system for less, so get yours today at quality mobile video with 1 year warranty and 30 day returns. Thanks for watching and leave your comments below. See you again next week.

Subwoofer Impedance and amplifier output

Car Subwoofer Packages

Car Amplifiers

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 Shallow Car Subwoofer system

Ohms law

Pioneer Subwoofer voice-coil DC resistance test

In electrical circuits there are two concepts. These concepts have a mathematical relationship between them.

I’ll use plumbing terms as it is easier to visualize these concepts using a pipe. The first is the voltage, in plumbing terms, voltage is the size of the pipe. The other is current or flow, in plumbing terms this is the pressure. These two concepts define the work or wattage.

Ohms law: V= I x R

V = Voltage
I = Current; measured in Milli-amps or Amps
R = Resistance; measured in Ohms

Using this concept and amplifier that outputs 400 watts at 4 Ohms will output 800 watts at 2 Ohms.

Speakers or Sub-woofers

Pioneer subwoofer voice coil cut away

Sub-woofers and speakers have a voice-coil; it is the heart or the device that performs the work. A voice-coil is a tightly wound copper wire that when electricity is applied, generates a magnetic field that either attracts or repels a closely mounted magnet.

When electricity is is moved through this copper wire it does so with resistance (known as Impedance), this resistance is measured in Ohms. The lower a speakers impedance, the easier it is drive.

Amplifier output relationship to Impedance

Amplifiers have a sweet spot in their relationship to output and impedance. Problems arise when a sub-woofer has very low impedance or resistance. The output of an amplifier is measured in wattage or work, work has a byproduct called heat. Excessive heat causes and amplifier to shut down to protect itself from destruction. Heat is the largest factor in the life span of electronics.

Consideration must be taken to factor what an amplifier output is capable of and the load you are introducing. Manufacturers clearly state what their amplifiers are capable of in output and in what situations or configurations. Car audio amplifiers are capable of driving a 4 ohm load. 4 ohms is what most car speakers and sub-woofers are rated at. Most car amplifiers are also capable of driving 2 ohm loads on a single channel.

Amplifier speaker connections

The most common error is when an amplifier is bridged, bridged operation utilizes two of the amplifiers channels and sums them together to provide more output. When an amplifier is bridged, its sees half of the load, or in the case of a 2 ohm woofer, 1 ohm. Most amplifiers are not capable of driving this low resistance as it would cause the amplifier to run extremely hot.

Single voice-coil and wiring options

Example: Paralleled connection

Subwoofer parallel connection

Paralleled configuration means the positive side of one voice-coil and the positive side of the other voice-coil to the positive side of the amplifier. The same connections would be made to the negative side, negative side of one voice-coil and the negative side of the other voice-coil to the negative side of the amplifier.

In this diagram we show you what is potentially a damaging load for most amplifiers. When paralleling dual 2 ohm voice-coils, this creates a load at the amplifier of only 1 ohm. 1 ohm loads for most amplifiers are catastrophic, please check with your amplifier manufacturer before connecting a sub-woofer to the output terminals

Example: Series output

Subwoofer series connection

Series configuration means that the sub-woofers are wire one after the other. The plus of woofer 1 to the minus of woofer 2, the remaining plus and minus are connected to the amplifier.

In this diagram we show you a load that is safe for most amplifiers. When connecting two 2 ohm voice coils in series you create a 4 ohm load. In a bridged operation this is safe for most amplifiers.

Multiple voice-coils and wiring options

In the examples above we were only talking about a single woofer and single voice coil. When we add multiple sub-woofers we can create different loads or resistance on the the amplifier. The sole reason for driving different loads is to optimize the amplifier to the amount of speakers.

Sub-woofers with dual voice coils have two connections and allow for different wiring options. This is especially useful in system design and allow for more flexibility. A dual 2 ohm woofer can be wired as a 4 ohm in series or 1 ohm in parallel. You can see this allows us a ton of flexibility when doing multi-speaker systems.

When we want massive bass the output of two woofers helps create the system we desire. When using multiple sub-woofers we must consider what the amplifier is capable of and the impedance implications that the multiple woofers present.

When speakers are in series, you add the speaker impedances together for the total impedance. One 4 ohm woofer wired in series to another 4 ohm woofer sums to a total impedance of 8 ohms. 

When speakers are wired in parallel, provided they are of equal impedance, you divide the impedance by the amount of woofers. One 4 ohm woofer wired in parallel to another 4 ohm woofer has a total impedance of 2 ohms. Another example is when four 4 ohm woofers are wired in parallel the total impedance is 1 ohm.

3 Dual Voice Coil Sub-woofer Setup Example – 2.6 ohm load

3 dual voice coil subwoofer connection diagram

Example 1: If we wanted three dual voice coil woofers in our system, and each woofer were dual 4 ohm coils we can wire this so that each woofer has its coils wired in series or 8 ohms each, and each woofer wired in parallel to the others so that the amplifier would see 2.6 ohms.

4 Dual Voice Coil Sub-woofer Setup Example – 1ohm load

4 dual voice coil subwoofer connection diagram - 1ohm load

Example 2: In this example we will take four dual 2 ohm woofers. We will wire each woofers coils in series making it a 4 ohm woofer, we will then connect them to the other woofers in parallel, the total impedance is 1 ohm for this system.

4 Dual Voice Coil Sub-woofer Setup Example – 4ohm load

4 dual voice coil subwoofer connection diagram - 4ohm load

Example 3: In this example we will take four dual 2 ohm woofers. We will wire each woofers coils in parallel so each woofer is 1 ohm. We will the wire each woofer in series to the other, the total impedance is 4 ohms.

This allows us to properly match the amplifier with the amount of woofers we want for the desired output. Consideration must be taken to ensure that the amplifier has the output capability to drive these multi-woofer systems. If each woofer is capable of 200 watts and we have three woofers we want to ensure that out amplifier has at least 600 watts of output. It is vitally important that we figure RMS ratings in these estimations as these are real world outputs and ratings. Multi-woofer systems that are underpowered will suffer from poor sound quality and possible damage as you exceed the output capabilities of the amplifier. Exceeding output capability causes the amplifier to clip and has the possibility to damage your woofers. The safer route is to have a slightly overpowered amplifier as it allows for more capability or headroom. This headroom prevents distortion when peaks of music occur and provide excellent sound quality as there is power on reserve for these impactful moments.

4 Dual Voice Coil Sub-woofer Setup Example – 4ohm load

Normal voice coil in good condition

In this photo we have the voice-coil as it should look when it is in new condition. Here you can see the tightly wound copper coil and the copper varnish is not discolored.

Burnt Voice-coil with broken former

Burnt voice coil

This photo clearly demonstrated a damaged voice-coil former and damaged coil. The coil varnish is severely discolored which demonstrates excessive heat caused by distortion. Excessive heat causes the voice coil to separate thereby destroying the woofer.

Burnt Voice-coil with broken former

Broken voice coil

This photo clearly demonstrates the severely discolored coil varnish. It’s easy to see the charred remains and the unwinding.

The bottom line is we want a sub-woofer and it’s amplifier to have very similar ratings. We want the amplifier output capability to match the woofer input capability at its impedance rating. By doing so we ensure that we have a well powered system and one that was designed with excellent efficiency.

2015 Pioneer Shallow Mount Subwoofers Review

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8 Inch Subwoofer
Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 10 inch Subwoofer
Pioneer TS-SW3002S4 12 inch Subwoofer

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Having three or four subwoofers in your trunk playing at full volume as your driving is nice, but contrary to popular belief a sub-woofer is good for more than just waking up the neighborhood.

A good car subwoofer can enhance your listening experience by providing deep rich bass and by working in unison with the cars speakers, covering every note in the musical spectrum.

Pioneer has always done an excellent job with all of their audio components including their subwoofers. They are relatively inexpensive and all three models are under $120 but they do an excellent job of providing a nice controlled bass.

This years’ shallow mount subwoofers come in an 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch size. No matter which one you get the beauty of these subs is that they have an extremely slim design with a mounting depth at under 3 inches for the smallest 8 inch model and under 4 inches for the 10 and 12 inch subs. This means that these subs are designed to fit just about anywhere including under a seat.

The 8 inch sub has 600 watt max rating and 150 watt rms power handling, while the 10 inch has a 1200 watt max rating and 300 watt rms rating, and finally the 12 inch has a 1500 watt max power rating and 400 watt rms rating, so size definitely does effects the power output, and its good to keep that in mind when deciding which subwoofer is the best for you.

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Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers R2S-1X10 & R2S-1X12 review

Order here:

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 10 inch subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X12 12 inch Subwoofer

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Last week we talked about some great entry level car subwoofers. Well today were going to take it a step further and talk about some pre-loaded subwoofer enclosures by a truly iconic name in car audio, Rockford Fosgate

The Rockford Fosgate name has always stood for quality and there shallow mount subwoofers with enclosures do not disappoint in carrying on that tradition. Both Subwoofer and enclosure are made with quality components for a deep rich bass.

Typically Rockford subs sound just as good as they look and this years shallow mount subs with enclosure are no different. The advantage to buying sub that is pre-enclosed is that the manufacturer has mathematically designed an enclosure that provides the best possible performance.

This series are known as the Rockford Fosgate Prime line of shallow mount subwoofers and what Rockford Fosgate considers their entry level. These shallow subs have an affordable price tag at under $120.

The 10 inch sub with enclosure has a 200 watt rms rating while the 12 inch sub comes in at 250 rms, so if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck so to speak the 12 inch does pack more power.

If you’re looking to maximize space both units are equally thin with a max depth of 5.25 inches and have the same height of 13.5 inches. But where these units truly vary is the enclosure width, the 10 inch has a with of just over 19 inches while the 12 inch just over 27 inches.

All three are available at, they all come with a 30 day return policy and a 1 year warranty

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