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Match car subwoofers and amplifiers 1

Matching Subwoofers and Amplifiers

Matching Subwoofers and Amplifiers Car audio is an intimidating arena for newbies to enter. It starts out harmless but quickly becomes ego driven, hearing loss filled world full of experts and amateurs, and amateurs...

the best overhead dvd players 0

Best Overhead DVD

Best overhead DVD player for under $200   Tview TDVFD91DVFD For the family looking for entertainment without having to break the bank, the best value in the under $200 category is the T91DVFD. The...

sun visor monitors 1

Sun Visor Monitor Buying Guide

What size sun visor monitor is right for me? Are you thinking about adding some LCD screens to your car but want to retain the factory look? Do you want to add a back-up...