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What size sun visor monitor is right for me?

Are you thinking about adding some LCD screens to your car but want to retain the factory look? Do you want to add a back-up camera but don’t have room for an in-dash screen? Are you looking for an easy way to add more screens to keep your passengers entertained? If any of these questions apply to you, then you’ve come to the right place.

The easiest way to add screens to your vehicle is by adding a sun visor monitor. Our monitors are a universal fit and are made to look great in virtually any vehicle. We have sun visor monitors from 7 to 12 inches to make any video look perfect, and our monitors come with RCA inputs that make it simple to hook up a backup camera, a game console or any video source with a standard video output.

Tview sun visor monitors

You may have considered adding sun visor monitors in the past, but you were concerned that the screen in the visor would be too hard to see. Honestly, that would be the case if you purchased a little monitor like some other people offer, but our monitors come in 7 inch 9 inch and 10.2-inch sizes to make your movies look perfect from anywhere in the vehicle. If you want to go all out, we have a 12.2-inch monster widescreen sun visor monitor that will make you feel like you’re at the movie theater.

Would you like to add video capabilities to your vehicle but don’t want to install an in-dash DVD player? Well, we have you covered with our 7-inch sun visor monitors with integrated DVD player. These all-in-one units are available with a single DVD player or one on each side. These units are by far the easiest way to add video to your vehicle without installing a bunch of extra equipment, so they’re perfect for a leased vehicle.

12 inch sun visor monitor

Why sun visor monitors?

One of the best thing about our sun visor monitors is that when you flip them up, they look just like regular visors. This definitely keeps unsavory characters from trying to get in your vehicle and take the monitors that you spent your hard-earned money on. We even have a fully motorized version that easily mounts to your existing sun visor and automatically retracts out of view when not in use.

If you want to fully customize your ride, we have some monitors that you can install directly to your existing sun visors. These style monitors also work great in headrests. If you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, these sun visor monitors are an easy install. These are some of the best quality sun visor monitors around. Companies like Pyle and Tview have been making the very best sun visor monitors for years. The high quality LCD screens have beautiful color reproduction and they are practically glare-proof. If you’re trying to upgrade your car, truck or SUV with a new sun visor monitor, we have the selection and quality that you deserve.

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