Rosen AV7900 DVD Headrest – Installation Video


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Rosen AV7500 Installation Manual
Rosen AV7900 Installation instructions
Rosen AV7950 DVD Headrests – Installation

We walk you through the entire installation process of adding Vehicle Specific Rosen DVD headrests to a 2010 Acura MDX SUV. The installation is a relatively easy thing to do but does require some disassembly of the vehicle and some automotive wiring know how.

Rosen AV7900 Installed
Rosen AV7900 Installed

Step 1 – Equipment Placement
You will need to find a location to mount the control bow and route the wires. The location that we determined would be the best is under the seat.

Step 2 – Remove the seat back for running wires
The plastic seatback is removed to make way for running the wires in the seat for connection to the control box. Simply pop the pops and slide the seat back down for removal.

Step 3 – Remove the original headrests and insert the AV7950
The removal of the factory headrests is simply a matter of pulling them out through the top. When inserting the replacement headrests you will need to route the wiring.

Step 4 – Routing the wire through to the seat bottom
The wiring is run on the left and right side of the seat back to seat bottom connector bracket. The are factory cables that are run and we run ours the same way.

Step 5 – Tie off cabling
The cabling must be secured to prevent cable damage when the seat is moved. All of our cables are tied to the existing factory cables.

AV7900 Installed in a Land Rover Evoque
AV7900 DVD Headrests installed in a Land Rover Evoque

Step 6 – Prepare seat back for re-installation
Make sure to have the plastic tabs in place so that they are aligned for the re-installation of the seat back.

Step 7 – Route drivers side wiring to control box
To run the drivers side cabling we attach all of the cables underneath the seat to the factory cables. Once completed we make the connection to the control box.

Step 8 – Power connection
To provide power to the system we connected our power lead to the Bluetooth module behind the rear cigarette lighter plug.

Step 9 – Passenger side cabling
To run the passenger side cabling we opted to remove the center console and route the wiring through the console. Once completed we make the connection to the control box.

Step 10 – Verify our connections with a voltmeter
Before turning on the power we verify our connections with a volt meter

Hopefully this video gives you a better idea as to how we install a set of replacement headrests in your vehicle.

AV7950 DVD Headrest installation
We walk you through the entire installation process of adding DVD headrests to your vehicle

DreamWave Harmony vs. Bose SoundLink Mini 2

DreamWave Harmony

New Name in Bluetooth Audio

DreamWave is a new brand that is making a name for themselves with high quality bluetooth speakers to rival competitors like Bose, Sony and Apple. They are a company that is dedicated to providing premium products at competitive prices.

Their speakers are perfect for any environment, whether it be indoors at a professional office and the comfort of a home, or outdoors at a evening cookout and the sunny beach.


The Harmony is a compact and portable speaker with a strong build and great sound quality. It rivals its competition in performance for a cheaper price at only $149.99.
The housing is elegantly brushed aluminum. The front and back are covered with solid grills and the top and bottom are covered with a grip texture. Inside are dual 1-3/4 inch speakers with dual passive radiators that produce great bass and treble.

In our video we compare the performance of the Harmony against the Bose Soundlink Mini. It holds its own against the more expensive competitor with loud and crisp audio aided by its Anti-
Distortion Circuitry.

Anyone can feel the quality of its design in the palm of their hand as it weighs in at a sturdy 3.8lbs. It has a width of 9.1″, a height of 2.4″ and a depth of 2.5″. The top panel of the Harmony features the traditional commands: LED power, Bluetooth connect, and volume. Its battery life is exceptional. It runs 18 hours at 2/3 volume and 10 hours at MAX.The back features to inputs, one for a 3.5mm AUX cable and the other for the AC Adapter Charger.


Easily connect your mobile device to play music and apps or to use Hands Free Calling.

Bluetooth Modes:

  • CSR4.0+ EDR: Full 2-Way Bluetooth control between speaker and phone
  • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile allows high quality audio to be streamed from an phone to speaker
  • AVRCP: Audio Video Remote Control Profile allows you to play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind of your music


  • Compact and Strong Design
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Competitively Priced
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Calling


  • Only one color option
  • Lower Bass Performance than main Competition
Dreamwave Harmony versus the Bose Sound Link Mini
Dreamwave Harmony versus the Bose Sound Link Mini

Venturer KLR19132 Kitchen TV – Review

Streaming Video

In this internet era where technology continues to evolve virtually overnight, even your kitchen can receive a high tech boost with the help of Venturer’s KLR19132.

The KLR19132 is an unprecedented leap in the under cabinet kitchen television sector as it is the first of its kind to utilize and take advantage of a wireless internet connection that is so much a part of many peoples homes.


Apart from the basics such as a built in TV tuner and FM antenna, what sets the KLR19132 apart is its ability to take advantage of online streaming with instant access to popular internet services such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu plus and even Pandora.

Technologically miles ahead of its competitors with a sleek contemporary design the KLR19132 is a great addition to any kitchen and anyone looking for an additional means of entertaining your family or guests.


With that being said the KLR19132 is not without its flaws, the biggest of which are the units weak power of the speakers. Like many other under kitchen cabinet televisions notoriously known for weak speakers the KLR19132 is no powerhouse in that department either.

The fact that the unit is not equipped with RCA output jacks to connect external speakers that can provide a little more punch does not help as well. The units wireless connection is also far from perfect and tends to drop the signal from time to time.

Yes the KLR19132 is far from perfect and one might say that the units features are overshadowed by its lack of execution. However, the KLR19132 is the first of its kind and like many other products at the technological forefront, faults are to be expected.

If your in the market for a standard under cabinet television and internet connectivity is not a feature worth noting than the KLV39150 may be a better option as it has a solid build quality and capable speakers.

But if your looking for an entertainment powerhouse, you can enjoy your favorite music with Pandora and watch your favorite shows and movies with Huluplus and Netflix all without leaving your kitchen.

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Active Headrest DVD player – Installation & Review video

Our entire selection here: Active Headrest DVD Player

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Many of today’s newer vehicles have headrests that cannot be removed without comprimising the safety systems of the vehicle. Active headrests are designed to help prevent whiplash in the event of an accident. This normally makes adding headrest DVD player difficult but we have you covered.

Active Headrest DVD Players are designed to attach to the headrest posts and allow the headrest its full range of motion. Active headrest DVD players are just like every other headrest dvd player in that they allow you to watch the same movie or a seperate movie. The most popular system we offer is the DVD9900 Active Headrest DVD player.

The DVD9900 headrest monitors are easy to install and have a great build quality. In this quick walkthrough, learn how to connect them to virtually any size headrest posts. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Audiovox DVD headrests for Active headrests
Audiovox Active DVD Headrests

Audiovox Overhead DVD – Video comparision

Audiovox AVXMTG13UA 13 inch Overhead DVD player
Audiovox AVXMTG10UA 10 inch Overhead DVD player
Audiovox AVXMTG9 9 inch Overhead DVD player

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What’s up guys its Ray with Quality Mobile Video and I’m here with my guest Jimmy, today we are talking about overhead DVD players. I like to recommend the Audiovox Movies to Go line in that come in a 9 inch AVXMTG9B, AVXMTG9S, AVXMTG9P, 10 inch AVXMTG10U and 13 inch AVXMTG13UA.

I could sit here and tell you that it has incredible picture quality and mind blowing sound but the truth is the reason the Audiovox sets itself apart from the other is that it is extremely reliable and really well built. Truth is most of these unit are identical in features but not on quality.

All three overhead monitors come with a built in DVD player a FM modulator to wirelessly stream the audio over the cars speakers using an FM station as well as infrared technology for wireless headphones.

The 9 inch AVXMTG9U version comes in three different colors; black, grey and tan. The 10 and 13 inch flip down come with three removable skins that can be interchanged at any moment to match any interior. The black will come pre installed but grey and tan will be in the box.

All three models offer the exact same features and even look identical, the only difference is now the 13 inch AVXMTG13U model comes with an HDMI input to connect your phone or any other device.

Get yours today at you get a 1 year manufacturers warranty with all three although there’s a very high chance you wont need it thanks to their incredible build quality.

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Rosen AV7900 DVD Headrest monitors – Video walk through

Find your perfect match DVD Headrests

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Rosen DVD Headrest Advantages

Rosen specializes in high end mobile electronics and are specifically known for their vehicle specific DVD headrests. The drawback to many headrests is that they do not match your vehicles interior. The Rosen DVD Headrests are meant for people who are purchasing a new vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle and want an OEM quality system as though it came from the vehicle manufacturer. The only other option are universal dvd headrests Who wants a universal DVD headrest system that doesn’t match?

Rosen DVD Headrest - AV7500
1st Generation Rosen DVD Headrests – AV7500 headrest monitors (Discontinued)

Rosen does a great job with the AV7900s, matching your current headrests; the shape, size, color and even down to the stitching. These DVD headrests are designed to look like they came from the factory and even provides the warranty to boot.


All of the Rosen DVD Headrests come with a three year warranty if it is going in a new vehicle or one year warranty on pre-owned or currently owned vehicles.

Rosen DVD Headrest - AV7900 system
Rosen AV7900 DVD Headrest monitor system (Current System)

AV7900 system features

The AV7900’s are a configurable system, they allow you to select the video players that are right for you. You can select dual DVD players, iPod docks, or any configuration you could desire. The system has a built in game system that has excellent 64 bit quality games that will entertain even the most addicted smartphone child. The AP1007 wireless game controller makes using the game system easy and without cluttering wiring. You can purchase a second controller so that your children can battle each other as you get to your destination.

Rosen AC3640 Headphones
Rosen AC3640 Two channel wireless headphones

Rosen DVD headrest have several options for audio, the internal FM modulator converts the audio program to an FM radio station and you simply tune your radio to the proper station to listen to the audio. The system ships with two wireless headphones so you can enjoy your favorite song on the radio while your children are thoroughly entertained through the headphones. You can purchase as many additional headphones as you need as there is no limit.

The Rosen DVD Headrest system is the premier system

Get your DVD System!

Find your OEM matching DVD Headrests

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Flip Down Monitor helpful hints

flip down monitor helpful hints
Why is my flip down monitor draining my car battery?

A flip down monitor is efficiently designed to power up as soon as the vehicle is on and should not drain the car’s battery when installed properly. If you find your flip down monitor is draining your car battery, it is most commonly due to a direct instillation to the vehicles dome lights. The dome lights on a vehicle are one of the few power sources that receive continuous power even when the vehicle is off, so if a flip down monitor receives its power directly from the dome lights it can quickly drain the battery.

Will my head unit be able to connect to my flip down monitor?

Yes, but only if your head unit possesses a standard RCA out. Many if not all of our flip down monitors come equipped with standard RCA inputs which can be used to connect a head unit directly to the flip down monitor using a single RCA cable.

No disc errors or unable to read disc errors on flip down monitors

More and more we are seeing issues with read errors on overhead dvd players due to installation related problems. The most common error we see is that installers are over tightening the unit to the ceiling. When the unit is over tightened to the ceiling it causes the housing to distort preventing the laser mechanism and door pickup mechanism from operating correctly causing disc read errors and no disc errors. The way we recommend to install overhead dvd players is to have the unit lightly tightened to the headliner and use loctite to prevent the screws from backing out. This way the unit is actually suspended from the screws and is lightly touching the headliner.

What are the recommended sizes for flip down monitors?

Normally, the recommended sizes for flip down monitors range anywhere from 9 to 10 inches for coupes and sedans 10 to 12 inches on standard size SUV’s, pick up trucks and crossover type vehicles and no larger than about 16 inches for larger SUV’s and passenger vans.

How do I make sure I can use wireless headphones with my flip down monitor?

The ability to use wireless headphones is a relatively standard feature found on most flip down monitors known as built in infrared (IR)

How do I make sure my flip down monitor will be able to play audio over the vehicles’ speakers?

The ability to play audio over the cars’ speakers is a relatively standard feature know as an FM transmitter. An FM transmitter allows you to wirelessly play audio over the cars’ speakers through an FM radio station.

Is it possible to install a flip down on a vehicle with a sunroof/moonroof? If so what is the recommended size?

Yes, it is definitely possible to install a flip down monitor on a vehicle with a moonroof. The largest suggested size to install on a vehicle with a moonroof would be a 12 inch. This is in large part due to the weight of the unit rather than size as you’ll begin to experiencing a bouncing of the monitor as you drive with larger type monitors.

What kind of wireless headphones can I use with my flip down monitor?

If your vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket flip down monitor more likely it is equipped with single channel infrared capabilities. This is a universal form of transmitting sound, any of our single channel infrared (IR) headphones would work. If the flip down monitor came factory with the vehicle, it could either be equipped with infrared or radio frequency.

How do I know for certain if my flip down monitor works of universal infrared (IR) or radio frequency?

One of the basic tests I recommend people can do to find out if they have monitors that work off infrared or radio frequency is the proximity test. Infrared technology is relatively limited by proximity, meaning the user has to be pretty close to the direct line of sight of the monitor in order to work, if not the sound sharply cuts off. Radio frequency is much less dependent on proximity and direct line of sight, with the ability to collect sound even outside the vehicle.

Back up camera wiring diagram

Safesight SC9003 Installation instruction and wiring diagrams
Safesight SC9003 monitor on the top of the dashboard

We get asked a lot of questions on how to install a back up camera. Many monitors and cameras have very similar connections. For the sake of Safesight monitors the connections are as follows:

  1. Red to Red which is positive
  2. Black to Black which is negative
  3. Green to Positive which is reverse trigger

Attached below is a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions on how to install the Safesight SC9003 Backup camera system

DVD headrest monitors installation with a cigarette lighter

Lear how to install a DVD headrest monitor system
DVD Headrest monitor installation with only a cigarette lighter cord

Most people wait until the last minute before a trip to figure out the on-road entertainment. DVD headrest monitors are the easiest way to add a video system to your vehicle. DVD headrest monitors are easy to install but take several hours, when you are under time pressure you need a quick solution to get the video system installed. We show you how to install a DVD headrest monitor system using the cigarette lighter cord for power. With this type of installation you get a headrest monitor system installed in under two hours, perfect for last minute systems.

What are active headrests?

Headrest DVD players for Active Headrests
Active headrests are a part of a vehicle’s’ safety equipment and are usually found on newer or high end vehicles. In an event of an accident the active headrest moves forward to cradle the head and prevent whiplash. Removing the active headrests from a vehicle would not only cause the airbag light on the dash to turn on but may also void your vehicles warranty. Manufacturers get around this problem by designing headrest monitors specifically designed for active headrests that simply attach to your posts without the need to remove them. We have a full selection of headrest monitors that are designed for vehicles with Active Headrests.

Active DVD Headrests