4Sight 4SK777 Dash Cam Plus – Walkthrough and Tutorial

4 Sight 4SK777 Dash Cam

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We have previously done a walkthrough of the 4SK106 Original Dash Cam and 4SK606 Original Dash Cam 2, well now I want to introduce you guys to the 4SK777 Original Dash Cam Plus.

Much like its predecessors this system is great for someone looking for something that’s straightforward, easy to install, and has high end features that are not available on any other dash cam.

The Original Dash Cam Plus is small in size but has some truly remarkable and unique features. Most notably, it has a customizable full 1080p recording capability, an HDMI output to connect to a larger monitor, can take up to 12mp photographs but what really sets this guy apart are it Lane departure and collision warning systems.

The dash cam plus has a stop and go warning system, a forward collision system that alerts you when your getting too close to the vehicle in front of you and my personal favorite feature a lane departure warning system to avoid hitting vehicles next to you.

This video is a quick walkthrough of the Original Dash Cam Plus.

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