4Sight Original Dash Cam 2 4SK606 – Walkthrough & Tutorial

4Sight 4SK606 Dual dash cam
4Sight 4SK606A Dual dash cam with GPS

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Car dash cams are the most popular automotive accessory. Protect your family in the event of an accident with video evidence. The Original Dash Cam systems are great for people looking for something that is straightforward and easy to install but not lacking in features. We walk you through the 4SK606 dashboard camera.

These units come with a cigarette lighter plug adapter for power and a suction cup mount. Installation time doesn’t take any longer than about a minute. A suction cup base with 3M tape is also included in case you prefer to mount the unit on top of the dash.

The original dash cam 2 4SK606 differs from its smaller brother the 4SK106 in large part due to its adjustable dual cameras. These cameras can angled a complete 180 degrees for a dual front view , dual rear view, or a combination of both.

The dash cam will simultaneously record the video from both cameras an the audio from an internal microphone. Will full supporting audio and video you can record moments of impact in accidents, in car footage for unique movies, or capture you racing capabilities as you drive on the track.

This is a quick video walkthrough of the Original Dash Cam 2.

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