Audiovox Overhead DVD – Video comparision

Audiovox AVXMTG13UA 13 inch Overhead DVD player
Audiovox AVXMTG10UA 10 inch Overhead DVD player
Audiovox AVXMTG9 9 inch Overhead DVD player

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What’s up guys its Ray with Quality Mobile Video and I’m here with my guest Jimmy, today we are talking about overhead DVD players. I like to recommend the Audiovox Movies to Go line in that come in a 9 inch AVXMTG9B, AVXMTG9S, AVXMTG9P, 10 inch AVXMTG10U and 13 inch AVXMTG13UA.

I could sit here and tell you that it has incredible picture quality and mind blowing sound but the truth is the reason the Audiovox sets itself apart from the other is that it is extremely reliable and really well built. Truth is most of these unit are identical in features but not on quality.

All three overhead monitors come with a built in DVD player a FM modulator to wirelessly stream the audio over the cars speakers using an FM station as well as infrared technology for wireless headphones.

The 9 inch AVXMTG9U version comes in three different colors; black, grey and tan. The 10 and 13 inch flip down come with three removable skins that can be interchanged at any moment to match any interior. The black will come pre installed but grey and tan will be in the box.

All three models offer the exact same features and even look identical, the only difference is now the 13 inch AVXMTG13U model comes with an HDMI input to connect your phone or any other device.

Get yours today at you get a 1 year manufacturers warranty with all three although there’s a very high chance you wont need it thanks to their incredible build quality.

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