Blind Spot detection – Crimestopper & Safesight

Safesight BSS200 Blindspot sensor system

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Enjoy all the benefits that come with the new blind spot detection technology by adding it to your current vehicle. These universal blind spot sensors can fit any vehicle and will help you avoid some easily preventable accidents.

The Safesight BSS200 comes with two sensors that have to be installed on the side of the vehicle. Once the sensor pick up an object, two small warning modules will light up bright orange to alert you of the vehicle.

The Crimestopper BSD-754 comes with two front sensors and two rear sensors for even greater detection capability. You will be alerted if you try to make a lane change and some other vehicle is in your blind spot.

These blind spot detection systems are conveniently small and can be placed anywhere on the vehicle but are bright enough that they are very easy to use.

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