Car DVD and Video Player Buying Guide

Complete car video system

Fortunately, you do not have to go on anymore long, boring drives, and scan for decent radio stations with the family. That is because all you have to do now is choose a video systems for your vehicle. No matter your preference, we have one of the largest selections of overhead, in-dash, portable, headrest, and mobile digital video equipment for your automobile.

Although there are only a couple of places where you can install a mobile video system, it is still a smart investment if you take your car on family vacations. Whether you have a DVD player under your seat or in the dash, it could definitely make your trips feel much shorter.

Headrest DVD Monitors

Headrest DVD Players

Besides the aforementioned video systems, Quality Mobile Video also has DVD players that can either be installed behind your headrest or overhead. The line of headrest DVD systems include: Audiovox, Pyle, and other popular brands such as:

  • Concept CLD-703 Chameleon with a 7-inch monitor, built-in DVD player and speakers, HDMI input, touch control buttons and high audio output
  • Vizualogic Roadtrip Elite Universal DVD player is designed for vehicles with, or without active headrest; it has 9-inch dual screens, and dual DVD players, which can view the same or separate videos, USB port, and SD card reader
  • Accelevision ZHD700 with 7-inch widescreen dual universal LCD monitors, multimedia DVD player, USB, SD ports,skin covers, and built-in games
  • Power Acoustik HDVD-91CC 9 inch universal headrest monitor with DVD,SD,USB, headphone jack, changeable color skins
  • Tview T718DVPL 7 inch universal TFT with built-in DVD player and speakers, SD, USB, headphone jack


Flip Down DVD Monitors

If a headrest DVD system is not your cup of tea, Quality Mobile Video also carries a diverse line of overhead DVD players, that includes their own brand:

Overhead DVD players

  • Quality Mobile Video 1100 DVD player with 11-inch screen, 2 wireless headphones, USB and SD ports
  • Audiovox AVXMTG9 with 9-inch flip down DVD player, SD card reader, USB port, and wireless headphone capability
  • Pyle PLRD1951F with 19-inch roof mount flip down widescreen LCD Monitor, built-in DVD player, FM modulator, and IR Infrared transmitter
  • Tview T20DVDFD with 20-inch roof mount flip down LCD monitor, and built-in DVD player
  • Advent by Audiovox ADV10PS2 flip down 10.2-inch monitor with built-in Sony Playstation2 game console, PS2 games, headphones and controls


Now for the individuals who do not prefer the aesthetics of a portable video system on their headrest or over their heads, there are underseat and in-dash DVD systems. Even though underseat car DVD players are in a sense “out of sight,” they are actually very convenient to use. They can not only provide owners with an added measure of security because they are essentially hidden, as well as relatively easy to access.

In-Dash and Underseat DVD Players

  • Boss Audio BV7940 single DIN 3.6 inch widescreen in-dash DVD multimedia LCD monitor with front panel AUX, USB and SD ports
  • Power Acoustik PTID-3600 with 3.6 inch single DIN, detachable face monitor with AV source
  • Planet Audio P9685B In Dash Single DIN 3.2 Inch widescreen touchscreen Drop Down LCD monitor with built-in multimedia DVD Receiver and Bluetooth
  • Sound Storm (SSL) SD315 Single DIN in-dash 3.2-inch widescreen LCD monitor, DVD multimedia receiver with detachable face, USB and SD ports

Different “Video” Strokes

Car Digital media player

For those who prefer not to change the discs in their DVD players, the Beuler MVP 400 Digital Media Player might be just what the doctor ordered. This remarkable unit not only plays movies, it also has a storage port for memory sticks, and is also compatible with formats such as CF, and SD. A media player is a considerable upgrade from a traditional video system, but it will be well worth the investment.

Another device that can enable you to be up to date with the latest in mobile video technology, is the digital video recorder (DVR). Quality Mobile Video manufactures their own state of the art DVR called the BBY-DVR. This innovative system contains a wireless transmitter, 3.5-inch baby LCD monitor and IR infrared night vision. It also has a DVR video camera, USB, SD slots and other great features.

Dual dash cam

Quality Mobile Video also supplies the incredible Carpa-120 Dash Cam. This dual camera mini DVR system is capable of recording video inside and outside the vehicle. It is equipped with an audio-police style 2 channel car dashboard windshield camera, that can also record interior audio. Quality Mobile Video has other famous makers like:

Boyo digital video recorder

Ride for Hours

Quality Mobile Video also supplies DVD changers like the Pioneer XDV-P6, so you don’t have to constantly switch discs. These units come in 6 and/or 10 disc models, which give you continuous hours of videos. You can rest assure that your long drives will seem faster, because your videos will eliminate boredom.

Get ready to load up the vehicle along with your favorite movies, and time will pass by, as your passengers watch movies. And do not be surprised, if the kids do not want to leave the car when you arrive at your destination; especially if the movie is not finished! Anyway, regardless which video system you choose, the best thing is that your passengers will greatly appreciate you for making their rides more comfortable.

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