Car Flip down monitor with Miracast & Airplay – Walkthrough

Miracast and Airplay flip down monitor for cars

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What’s up everybody its Ray with quality mobile video and I want to introduce you guys to the future of mobile electronics in the Accele AXFD102HDWF.

As technology continues to develop, convenience has been at the forefront of evolution. Gone are the days where you have to navigate through a novel of pages filled with CD’s so it is only natural that DVD’s also experience that same progression.

With Airplay and DLNA technology, it is now extremely easy to stream both video and audio directly from your smartphone, no fiddling with DVD cases, USB drives, SD cards or any wires of any kind required.

With DLNA technology the AXFD102HDWF can mirror every action that is performed on your wireless smartphone. This means that any music files, video files, hilarious Youtube videos, and any wireless streaming apps will be appear on the flip down just as it does on your phone, sound included.

With built in HDMI, RCA, and USB inputs for more traditional connections as well

This is a quick video walkthrough of the AXFD102HDWF

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