DSLR Focus Pull Monitor Buying Guide

DSLR focus pull monitors

What is a DSLR Monitor?

A DSLR monitor is a digital single-lens reflex monitor. This type of monitor is sold by various electronics stores and is the newest type of computer monitor. It is usually small and portable, meaning it is the perfect monitor to use in a vehicle. DSLR monitors can be installed on the back of a car’s seat or on the ceiling of the car.

DSLR monitors are often used by filmmakers to make it easier for them to view the footage they have shot. These monitors are often attached to a DSLR camera’s shoe. Filmmakers sometimes also attach a DSLR monitor to their DSLR rig’s cage support system or rail.

Why Use a DSLR Monitor?

Many filmmakers choose to use DSLR monitors because they make it easier for you to focus while filming. This is much more convenient than not being able to focus closely on the footage until filming has commenced. The articulated screen of a DSLR monitor is another reason why it is handy to have. It makes it easier for you to see the image on the screen, even if the screen is above you.

DSLR monitors are also good for when you have multiple people viewing the screen simultaneously. Everyone will be able to see the action on the screen in full detail, without having to squint. This can make collaboration among those working on a film much easier.

Camera types for the monitor

Safesight CVFQ-E242 5 Inch DSLR Monitor

The Safesight CVFQ-E242 5-inch HD DSLR Monitor is a popular item among tech savvy consumers. This widescreen, anti glare monitor with a wide viewing angle has HDMI input, AV audio/video input and BNC input. The wide viewing angle allows the screen to be viewed 140 degrees vertically as well as 120 degrees horizontally. If you purchase a battery for this monitor, the battery is good for 10 hours of use before you need to recharge it.

DSLR monitor for focus pulling

The 5-inch HD DSLR monitor includes a remote control and an HDMI cable. It can be mounted onto a standard tripod, making it easy and convenient to use. This DSLR monitor features full image control so you can get vivid colors on your screen, such as blue, red and green. It can be connected to a hot shoe, which is the point on the top of the monitor that allows for a unit to be attached to it.

Some of the adjustments that can be made to this monitors’ pictures are inversion of the onscreen image, flipping of the onscreen image, horizontal and vertical positions, color temperature, contrast, tint, brightness and saturation. This product is often used as a DSLR external monitor for a DVD player, GPS or gaming system.

8 inch focus pull monitor

CVFQ-E182 8 inch DSLR Monitor

If your in the market for an even larger monitor we also carry the CVFQ-E182 8 inch DSLR monitor. This 8 inch monitor features a very wide viewing angle of 120 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically. The E182 also carries a super bright full 1080p HD picture and a battery capable of operating for up to 10 hours. The unit will also come with everything you see above.

8 inch DSLR monitor

DSLR focus pull monitors

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