DVD headrest monitors installation with a cigarette lighter

Lear how to install a DVD headrest monitor system

DVD Headrest monitor installation with only a cigarette lighter cord

Most people wait until the last minute before a trip to figure out the on-road entertainment. DVD headrest monitors are the easiest way to add a video system to your vehicle. DVD headrest monitors are easy to install but take several hours, when you are under time pressure you need a quick solution to get the video system installed. We show you how to install a DVD headrest monitor system using the cigarette lighter cord for power. With this type of installation you get a headrest monitor system installed in under two hours, perfect for last minute systems.

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  1. Josh truett says:

    I have 2005 escalade that I am trying to install a DVDs headrest in. What kinda wiring do I need?

    • QMV-Lorenzo says:

      You will need to supply power to the headrests. This will require you to run positive 12 volts to each headrest.

  2. ayotunde abijoh says:

    Please What’s the name of the adaptor piece that you hook the cigarette lighter adaptor into? It has the small black box with red and black wires coming out if it. ? ?

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