Learn how to install a DVD overhead monitor in a Honda Pilot with Sunroof

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  1. Jose says:

    i have a roof console, and I want to remove it and install a DVD player, but the hole in the head liner is huge. Is there a way to aesthetically solve the problem without changing the whole liner? Thanks

    • QMV-Lorenzo says:

      We recommend that you build a shroud that covers a small area of the existing console. There really is not work around other than this because of the size of the hole.

  2. RL says:

    It looks like the only screws holding the mounting plate are the 3 in the front attached to the sunroof support bracket, is that correct? What supports the other side (to the rear of the vehicle) of the mounting plate? I’m ready to attempt this, just scared of cutting into the headliner and not having an adaquate mount available. Then I’m left with a hole in the headliner, and an angry wife.

    • QMV-Lorenzo says:

      In case where the bracket is limited in depth you may only have screws attached the one portion. What we do to make sure that it is held securely, we under size the cut of the headliner so that the headliner is providing some support and prevents a gap.

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