PowerAll PBJS12000AE and PBJS32000RG Jump starters

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PowerAll PBJS12000R Jump starter
PowerAll PBJS12000RD Deluxe Jump starter
PowerAll PBJS12000E Waterproof Jump starter
PowerAll PBJS32000RG 24 Volt Jump starter

I want to talk about a device that people really love in the Powerall power bank and jump starters. These great devices are only about the size of a large smartphone but can jump start up to 20 cars in single charge.

Not only is it meant to jump start your car, but you can also use it as a flashlight in case of an emergency or charge some of the more popular electronic devices such as Samsung galaxy or even an Iphone.

Unused the units can keep a charge for about half a year. Well we typically like to recommend that you charge the unit about every six months or so if it goes unused.

Were very excited to offer an extended line off Powerall jump starter products. The PBJS12000AE is virtually the same product as the original Powerall but is improved upon with a heavy duty waterproof and dustproof casing.

The PBJS32000RG on the other hand is a completely different product all together and is meant strictly and only for 24 volt vehicles. It is slightly larger than the original but packs almost three times more power at 32000 milliamps as its intended again to jump start 24 volt vehicles. Please do not use the PBJS3200RG on regular 12 volt vehicles as severe electrical failures will occur and vehicle fires are possible.

Get all three today at http://www.qualitymobilevideo.com they all come with a standard one year warranty and as always you also get a standard 30 day return policy.

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