Rosen AV7900 DVD Headrest monitors – Video walk through

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Rosen DVD Headrest Advantages

Rosen specializes in high end mobile electronics and are specifically known for their vehicle specific DVD headrests. The drawback to many headrests is that they do not match your vehicles interior. The Rosen DVD Headrests are meant for people who are purchasing a new vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle and want an OEM quality system as though it came from the vehicle manufacturer. The only other option are universal dvd headrests Who wants a universal DVD headrest system that doesn’t match?

Rosen DVD Headrest - AV7500

1st Generation Rosen DVD Headrests – AV7500 headrest monitors (Discontinued)

Rosen does a great job with the AV7900s, matching your current headrests; the shape, size, color and even down to the stitching. These DVD headrests are designed to look like they came from the factory and even provides the warranty to boot.


All of the Rosen DVD Headrests come with a three year warranty if it is going in a new vehicle or one year warranty on pre-owned or currently owned vehicles.

Rosen DVD Headrest - AV7900 system

Rosen AV7900 DVD Headrest monitor system (Current System)

AV7900 system features

The AV7900’s are a configurable system, they allow you to select the video players that are right for you. You can select dual DVD players, iPod docks, or any configuration you could desire. The system has a built in game system that has excellent 64 bit quality games that will entertain even the most addicted smartphone child. The AP1007 wireless game controller makes using the game system easy and without cluttering wiring. You can purchase a second controller so that your children can battle each other as you get to your destination.

Rosen AC3640 Headphones

Rosen AC3640 Two channel wireless headphones

Rosen DVD headrest have several options for audio, the internal FM modulator converts the audio program to an FM radio station and you simply tune your radio to the proper station to listen to the audio. The system ships with two wireless headphones so you can enjoy your favorite song on the radio while your children are thoroughly entertained through the headphones. You can purchase as many additional headphones as you need as there is no limit.

The Rosen DVD Headrest system is the premier system

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