Best Under cabinet TV’s – Video reviews of the best

Under cabinet kitchen televisions
Under cabinet Kitchen TV with HDMI input

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Kitchen televisions are a great way to add a TV to your kitchen without taking up valuable counter space. Kitchen TV’s are a space saver with their ability to fold up and away when not in use.

Kitchen televisions are also perfect for a variety of applications that are outside of the kitchen. You can nicely mount under cabinet televisions in coach bunks, bathrooms, RVs, or in small bedrooms.

Our entire line-up of under cabinet kitchen televisions offer all the features of large TV’s. You will not sacrifice picture quality. Our kitchen TV’s are well built and is easy to control with their waterproof remote controls. Built-in DVD players are important for those who are using the TV in an area with poor reception. An under cabinet TV must also be compact in size and as lightweight as possible.

Quality Mobile Video is the only retailer that provides a under cabinet television with HDMI input. The TOP-131KTV is the premier kitchen television with 1080p HD input and its beautiful stainless steel housing. There is no finer kitchen television.

Watch our video above and learn all about the different features that our TV’s have to offer. We have a full selection with all sizes and colors to suit any kitchen.

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