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The Clarus HDR-HD-700 Headrest DVD Player is designed to fit on the back of your standard car headrest. The disc player part opens up so you can insert your discs into the machine, then the screen comes down over the top and you can watch the movie seamlessly without having to maneuver the device too much.

When you purchase this DVD player, you actually get two of them, so both headrests can have one. Each DVD player comes fully-equipped with a 7-inch LCD monitor, which means that your passengers sitting in the back seat can easily see the movies without having to sit up close to the screen.

If you or your passengers like to view slideshows or listen to music on DVD players, there is a function on each of these players that allows you to do that. Simply insert a USB drive or an SD card into the appropriate spot on the player, and then set up the device to perform the task that you want. In seconds, you should have a slideshow or a set of music queued up and ready to go.

Your children will get a lot of use out of these DVD players as well, because the units come with pre-installed games. If your children are bored of watching movies while in the car, they can switch over to game mode and start playing one of the many games that are available to them.


How does it Work?


The Clarus HDR-HD-700 Headrest DVD Player work by your installation of each monitor onto the back of your headrest. You may need to do a little bit of wiring in order to make the players work, but once you do, everything should be ready to run.


Will this Item Work on All Vehicles?


Because the Clarus HDR-HD-700 Headrest DVD Player is designed to be universal, you can rest assured that it will fit in all makes and models of vehicles. No matter what the size or shape of your headrest is, these DVD players are built to fit perfectly in place.




  • Pair of DVD players at a reasonable price: approximately $400
  • Fits all vehicles
  • Capable of playing the same DVD or a different one on each screen
  • Built in USB slot and SD card reader
  • Built in gaming function




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