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How do I know if my headrest monitors will match up with my vehicles interior?

When purchasing headrests monitors one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is deciding whether to purchase universal headrest monitors or vehicle specific headrest monitors. Universal headrest monitors typically come in three generic colors, black, grey and tan. They also come in a generic shape and only come in vinyl. Vehicle specific headrest monitors will match your vehicles current headrests exactly from shape, color, material and even stitching.

How do I know if I can use wireless headphones with my headrest monitors?

The ability to use wireless headphones with an aftermarket headrest monitor is a pretty standard feature known as built in dual channel infrared (IR).

What type of wireless headphones would work with my headrest monitors?

If your vehicle is equipped with aftermarket headrest monitors more likely than not it is equipped with dual channel infrared capabilities, a pretty universal form of transmitting sound, any of our dual channel infrared (IR) headphones would work. If the headrest monitors came factory with the vehicle, they could either be equipped with universal infrared or a more vehicle specific form of transmitting sound known as radio frequency.

How do I know for certain if my headrest monitors work of universal infrared (IR) or radio frequency?

One of the basic tests I recommend people can do to find out if they have monitors that work off infrared or radio frequency is the proximity test. Infrared technology is relatively limited by proximity, meaning the user has to be pretty close to the direct line of sight of the monitor in order to work, if not the sound sharply cuts off. Radio frequency is much less dependent on proximity and direct line of sight, with the ability to collect sound even outside the vehicle.

Can I watch the same movie on each headrest monitor if they both have their own DVD player?

Yes, many if not all of our headrest monitors come equipped with a standard RCA input which you can use to connect both monitors using a single RCA cable. These connections can be commonly found under the car seat so the wires aren’t exposed and remain relatively discrete.

How do I make sure my headrest monitors will be able to play the audio over the cars speakers?

The ability to play audio over the cars’ speakers is a relatively standard feature know as an FM transmitter. An FM transmitter allows you to wirelessly play audio over the cars’ speakers through an FM radio station.

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