Kenwood DDX272 vs. DDX372BT vs. DDX672BH :: Double DIN line up battle

In today’s line up battle we will be going over three kick ass Kenwood touchscreen radios. The DDX272, the DDX372BT and the DDX672BH.

The three feature built in DVD/CD players, responsive touchscreens, RDS AM/FM Radio tuners, and are Sirius XM ready. All three provide rear USB connections, and have a backup camera input. These multimedia car radio’s play everything from DVDs, CDs, JPEGs, MP3s to MOV files from both USB and DVD.

Contender #1 :: DDX272

To start the battle our first contender is the DDX272. It brings a 6.2 inch touchscreen with an integrated DVD slot. The RDS AM/FM tuner has 24 preset memory. The DVD player will prevent watching as you are driving unless you opt to disable this feature.

The built equalizer allows you to adjust the sound to suit your music and listening taste. To match your factory dash the illumination color can be matched with near infinite possibilities. The rotary volume control makes adjusting volume easy and quick. The AV-RCam button gives you direct access to your back up camera or phone apps.

The back reveals all the connections. Starting with the wiring harness which powers the radio and provides speaker level outputs, a USB cable to connect an iPod or thumb drive, The DDX272 has a single 3.5mm audio video input. The 6 channel pre-amp outs provide 4 volts for lower noise and easier integration. The Sirius satellite radio input provides a connection to a Sirius connect SXV300 satellite radio tuner.

Contender #2 :: DDX372

To take our battle to the next level, we have the DDX372BT. The 372 adds Bluetooth for both streaming and phone calls. Like the DDX272 the 372 has a 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen with integrated DVD slot. With the direct touchscreen controls you can access any audio video input immediately. The DDX372BT adds the direct Bluetooth button for hands-free phone calls or to quickly pair your phone. The 372BT has access to you phonebook and you can also manually dial any number you need. The external microphone ensures excellent audio quality for your callers.

Bluetooth supports audio streaming from your music library or your favorite music app. Direct connecting your phone through USB provides greater sound quality and charges your phone while its being used.

Like the DDX272 the DDX372BT has the rotary volume control and immediate access to your back up camera. The 372 adds immdiate access to your phone and apps.

Moving to the back. The wiring harness which powers the radio and provides speaker level outputs, a USB cable to connect an iPod or thumb drive, The DDX372BT has a single 3.5mm audio video input. It too has 6 channel pre-amp outs providing 4 volts for excellent noise rejection. The external microphone input is added to the 372BT in addition to the standard Sirius satellite radio input.

Contender #3 :: DDX672BH

Next up the big dog! The Kenwood DDX672BH! The 672 steps up the screen size to 6.95 inches and has a motorized face plate with bottom mounted controls. The DVD/CD player slot is located behind the motorized display and supports most digital formats with the exception of MP4. The 672 introduces us to HD radio and for cd sound quality from your favorite radio stations.

The 672 has integrated Bluetooth for hands free calling and streaming audio. The simple one touch pairing is quick and supports Pandora wirelessly. The external microphone ensure excellent call quality and makes for optimal placement.

The rear layout is virtually identical to the DDX372BT. It features a single 3.5mm audio video input. Microphone input for the included external microphone. Like the 272 and 372 it has 6 channel outputs at 4 volts for excellent sound quality and minimal noise. The USB supports direct iPhone connection and USB thumb drives. The USB supports most digital media types with the exception of MP4 but does play DivX.

All three radios include a double DIN trim plate, radio cage, pull keys, and mounting hardware.

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That’s it for today’s line up battle. Hopefully this helps you decide which one is for you. Leave your questions below. You know what to do like or dislike this video, subscribe to our channel, and visit to get yours today. See you again next time!

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