Pioneer SPH-DA120 AppRadio 4 – Review Video

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Pioneer SPH-DA120 AppRadio 4

What’s up guys it’s Lorenzo with Quality Mobile Video and today we are going to talk about the Pioneer APP Radio 4! As you saw last week, Ray introduced the AVIC-8100NEX and the App Radio 4 takes many of the same features from Pioneer’s flagship model.

Awesome New Features:

The App Radio 4 has the same intuitive capacitance touch screen that responds to multi touch commands, pinch to zoom out, open to zoom in, and swipe commands! Pioneer has taken to opportunity of smart phone revolution, digital media and cheap storage and relegated the disc drive to the trash bin. Instead they have brought you the power of your phone to your car dash board. Like the Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX, the App Radio 4 adds Apple Car Play. That iPad mini you wanted in your dash is finally there! Car Play allows you to access your most common smart phone features without taking your eyes off the road. Car play leverages the power of Siri for texting and phone calls. Tell Siri who you want to call or have her respond to a text without ever taking your eyes off the road. You can easily access your phone book, recent calls, favorites, keypad and voicemail.

Music Apps

Your favorite music apps are right at your finger tips, no more fumbling for the phone to change that song. Access Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and iTunes radio. Your playlists, album art, thumbs up, thumbs down are all right there.

Smartphone Navigation

For getting around town, the App radio 4 combines the power of Siri and Apple maps. Tell Siri that you need some morning coffee and she’ll find the closest shop to get your fix. Apple maps has real time traffic making it easy to avoid a bad situation. Non-Apple fans will love the Bluetooth streaming and phone support that the App Radio 4 has. Easily link up with your phone and play your favorite tunes or take phone calls without taking your eyes off the road. For Android users the App Radio 4 has mirror link and App radio mode, it doesn’t have support for Android auto that the 8100nex has, but mirror link makes using your Android phone pleasant.

A thing of beauty

The button-less glass front makes the App Radio 4 a nice addition and upgrade to any vehicle. The 6.2 inch screen is very bright and easily viewable in direct sunlight. Seamlessly integrate into existing vehicles with double din cutouts, full color matching button illumination and steering wheel control inputs.

Sound Quality

Sound quality conscious listeners will love the support for FLAC audio files. The built in 13-band EQ allows you to fine tune your sound system and vehicle interior you’re your personal listening tastes. You can playback high-res 192 Kilohertz 24 bit audio files and it has support for full HD video files.

Inputs and Outputs

The App radio 4 has tons of inputs and outputs. You can easily add a rear view camera, rear video monitor with dual zone control, and auxiliary input! The (3) 4-volt RCA provide high quality and low noise outputs to external amplifiers. The SPH-DA120 App Radio 4 revolutionizes the driving experience with the power of your smart phone. Get your App radio at quality mobile video with 1 year warranty and 30 day returns, see you again next week. Leave your comments below.

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