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The Clarus QMV-X10DVD Overhead DVD Player easily mounts to the inside roof of your vehicle without much difficulty, and the 10-inch monitor points downward, allowing your children easy viewing access from the backseat of the car.

While this is primarily a slot-loading DVD player, there are many other slots attached to this unit as well if you want to use it as a multifunction media device. In fact, there is an HDMI input on the side for connecting a bluray player or other devices that run off of HDMI connections. You also get a USB slot and an SD card slot for the other types of media you may want to queue up to this device for your children to view.

If your kids like to play video games, then they will appreciate the RCA video and audio connections that are available on this DVD player as well. This allows them to hook up some of their favorite game systems and play them through the DVD player as well.

A game remote controller comes with the unit in case your children decide to play their own games or some of the built-in games that come with their movies.


How Does it Work?


When you first purchase the Clarus QMV-X10DVD Overhead DVD Player, you will also be supplied with a mounting bracket that you can attach to the top of your car on the inside. Once you get the bracket installed, you can mount the DVD player to the bracket, and then you will need to hardwire the device into another part of your vehicle for power.

After you get the device all wired up and ready to go, you can then insert a DVD into the side-loading slot, and the movie should start up automatically. When you want to view other devices but use the DVD player’s screen as a monitor, you will simply need to plug in the proper connections on the new device and the DVD player, and then begin using said type of media. However, you may also have to find another power source within your vehicle for the other device you are trying to use.

When it comes to hearing the audio from the device, you can either have your kids use headphones to listen to the movie that is playing, or you can hook up the DVD player to your FM modulator and then have the audio play through your car speakers.


Will this Device work in All Vehicles?


This DVD player should work just fine with all vehicles. There is nothing in the specifications to suggest that it would not be universal. As long as you are able to install the mounting bracket to the top of your vehicle, then DVD player should hook up just fine. You should be able to operate it from within all vehicles as well, as long as you use the standard hardwiring procedures for most vehicles.




  • Reasonably priced—approximately $260
  • Can connect multiple devices and types of media to this unit
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent screen size




  • Requires installation
  • No built-in speakers
  • May be slightly small for larger vehicles

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