Boss Audio BVS13.3B 13.3″ Single DIN Car Stereo

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To start this radio has an output of 85 Watts, has a built in FM/AM Tuner and EQ, and plays those old Matchbox 20 CD’s laying around in your car.

The LCD display is 13.3″, extremely responsive to your touch, and has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It’s basically like having an iPad on your dashboard.

To attach the monitor, start by pressing the OPEN button on the left of the radio’s panel. The internal motor will push the monitor plate out and up.

Slide the monitor in then snap it back into the plate’s matching connections. The display will turn on immediately. The monitor is even easier to detach, just press the release button on the back and remove it from the monitor plate.

The main menu of the LCD reveals access to all of the different functions of the radio from Bluetooth, to DVD to the USB input.

Connecting your mobile device to the bluetooth is simple. Just enter the passcode 8888 and you’re all set. Bluetooth allows you to stream music from your library or apps like SPOTIFY, and it also gives you full control over your phone allowing you to make and answer calls.

The radio allows you to set Steering Wheel Control presets for convenient control while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Its ability to play DVD’s makes this radio family and passenger friendly. Insert your disc and get to watching.

Believe it or not, the BVS13.3B also accepts SD Cards and can play everything from MP3, MP4, WMA to AVI. To access it release the front panel from the housing and insert a card into the slot. Once the front is attached again you can play your media.

Onto the connections on the back. There are two inputs, for audio/video external sources and rear and subwoofer pre-amp outputs. Attached is a radio antenna jack. And finally the wiring harness input.

Included in the box are three wiring harnesses, the audio and video and rear and subwoofer output cables, and a wireless remote control.

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How to video – Backup Camera Installation

Start to finish, fully detailed!

As part 3 of our series on how to install a backup camera we take you through the entire installation process.

Our equipment and installation locations

For our installation, we decided that the back up camera would be located in the rear tailgate and the monitor would be a replacement rearview mirror monitor. The camera we decided on was the Boyo VTK230HD back up camera as it was very small and would mount perfectly to the lip overhang by the license plate.

backup camera installed
Here we mounted the backup camera near the license plate on the overhang above the license plate

For the monitor, we opted to use the Safesight RVMZH4300 4.3 glass mount rearview mirror monitor.

rear view mirror monitor
Here we installed the glass mount rear view mirror in place of the factory mirror

Why add a back up camera?

The Toyota Sienna minivan is a relatively large vehicle that has multiple blindspots. For most drivers vans and SUV’s are the most difficult vehicles to back up, let alone see something small such as a child or toy directly below the rear bumper. This makes them very prone to hitting objects that you cannot directly see. A back up camera eliminates this risk.

items behind vehicle
It’s to easy to run things over behind your vehicle.

Why is this installation more difficult?

Opening tailgates present a unique problem; the wiring must be installed in a way that allows the tailgate to continue to function normally. If unfamiliar, the installation is difficult, we show you how to make the installation a breeze.

backup camera wiring
Here we are feeding the cabling through the factory rubber boot

This in depth video is meant to be a reference manual on how to do the entire installation. Make sure to check out our other videos on back up camera installation and the concepts behind the entire process.

Click on the chapters below to skip ahead or go back to the section that best helps you with your rear view camera installation.

Pioneer DEH-X2800UI vs. DEH-X3800UI :: Single DIN Lineup Battle

What is the difference between these radios?

For the most part, the Pioneer DEH-X2800UI and Pioneer DEH-X3800UI single din radios are very similar. There are a couple of key features that differ.

Button illumination

The DEH-X2800UI features only red button illumination while the DEH-X3800UI allows the user to select a Custom Color Illumination with over 200,000 options to match your factory dashboard illumination or to change it up and really set the mode in our vehicle. The DEH-X3800UI can be set to random color mix so that radio continuously changes color and can be combined with mixtrax for DJ inspired effects!

Pioneer single din radio line up - front
Here we have the two radios side by side. The DEH-X2800UI on the left and the DEH-X3800UI on the right.

Steering wheel control input

Unlike the DEH-X2800UI the DEH-X3800UI has an external Steering Wheel Control Input. This allows you to use the Metra ASWC Steering wheel interface so that you can retain your original steering wheel control buttons so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to control the radio.

Pioneer single din radio line up - rear
Here we have the two radios above and below one another. The DEH-X2800UI on the bottom and the DEH-X3800UI on the top.

RCA audio outputs

The DEH-X2800UI has 1 set of RCA Pre-Amp audio outputs while the DEH-X3800UI has 2 sets of RCA Pre-Amp audio outputs. These pre-amp outputs are 2 volt outputs on both radios however the DEH-X3800UI allows for added flexibility when adding a 4 channel or multiple amplifiers.

Pioneer single din radio line up - rear jacks
Here we have the rear jack panels highlighted. The DEH-X2800UI on the bottom and the DEH-X3800UI on the top.

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Pioneer DEH-X2800UI Single DIN Car Stereo
Pioneer DEH-X3800UI Single DIN Car Stereo
Metra ASWC Steering wheel remote control

Pioneer DEH X8700BH Single DIN Bluetooth & HD Radio

Pioneer DEH-X8700BH

This is one of Pioneer’s better SINGLE DIN in-dash radios. It features a standard AM/FM Tuner along with Bluetooth, Dual Phone Pairing, an LCD Display, HD Radio, Pandora Support, MIXTRAX and also plays those ancient things called Compact Discs.


Bluetooth is extremely easy to connect. It allows you to safely talk on the phone while driving with hands free calling, gives you access to your phonebook, and the ability to also stream music from your mobile device directly to the radio.
The X8700BH’s MIXTRAX feature creates a non-stop playlist of the music from your mobile device to turn those long drives into a party.

Color Illumination

Color illumination can be selected from the settings menu with several options. Choose the color that best matches your dashboard or mood, or simply choose “SCAN” to continuously cycle through each one.


The left side of the radio features a “PHONE CALL” button to make or answer a call, a BAND button to cycle the menus and a POWER button.
The Multi-Control Dial is easy to use and allows you to both SEEK through music tracks or radio stations and adjust the VOLUME.
To prevent theft, Pioneer has designed the X8700BH face-plate to be detachable. Simply release it from the housing and take with you wherever you go.


Lets move to all the connections in the back. First, there are two Pigtails, one for the external microphone and the other for AM/FM and HD Radio. A USB input allows you to connect an iPod to the radio to play music and charge your device. The wiring harness plugs in here to connect power, ground and speakers. There are two 3.5mm AUXILIARY inputs and finally there are 3 sets of 4 volt RCA Outputs for running external amplifiers.

In The Box

Along with the radio, the box includes a wiring harness, a USB extension cable, an external microphone that runs 13 feet, a wireless remote control and mounting hardware.

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Power Acoustik PTID-8920B Single DIN 7″ Flip-Up LCD DVD Radio

Power Acoustik PTID-8290B

The Power Acoustik PTID-8290B is a great radio for anyone who can only fit a single-din radio in their car, but really want that large screen display that is usually associated with double-din radios. When you first power the 8920B up, the LCD is display completely hidden inside the radio. When you press the “OPEN” button on the right, the motors kick in and the LCD Display slides out and tilts up. The radio also allows you to adjust the tilt angle of the monitor to your personal preference.


Bluetooth gives you full control over your phone, allowing you to make and receive calls and even go through your phonebook. Hands Free Calling allows you to drive safely while talking on the phone. Bluetooth also gives you the ability to stream music from your mobile device to the radio.

DVD Player

A great feature that makes this radio fun for passengers is its ability to play DVDs! Simply insert your DVD and get to watching. The wireless remote control gives you full control over all radio and DVD functions.


The front of the radio features two audio inputs. One is a USB input, to easily connect an iPod to the radio. The other is a 3.5mm Auxiliary input for other audio devices.

The 8920B also has an SD Memory Card slot and can play MP3, MP4, DivX, and JPEGS! Release the front panel from the housing and insert a card into the slot. Once the front is attached again you can play your media.

Back Connections

To start the PTID-8920B has 5 Channel RCA Outputs, and one for an optional backup camera. Next is a Wiring Harness input. Attached to the radio is a Subwoofer output and a Radio Antenna.

In the Box

Included in the box isĀ  the wiring harness, a wireless remote control to control all functions, and mounting hardware.

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