How to video – Backup Camera Installation

Start to finish, fully detailed!

As part 3 of our series on how to install a backup camera we take you through the entire installation process.

Our equipment and installation locations

For our installation, we decided that the back up camera would be located in the rear tailgate and the monitor would be a replacement rearview mirror monitor. The camera we decided on was the Boyo VTK230HD back up camera as it was very small and would mount perfectly to the lip overhang by the license plate.

backup camera installed

Here we mounted the backup camera near the license plate on the overhang above the license plate

For the monitor, we opted to use the Safesight RVMZH4300 4.3 glass mount rearview mirror monitor.

rear view mirror monitor

Here we installed the glass mount rear view mirror in place of the factory mirror

Why add a back up camera?

The Toyota Sienna minivan is a relatively large vehicle that has multiple blindspots. For most drivers vans and SUV’s are the most difficult vehicles to back up, let alone see something small such as a child or toy directly below the rear bumper. This makes them very prone to hitting objects that you cannot directly see. A back up camera eliminates this risk.

items behind vehicle

It’s to easy to run things over behind your vehicle.

Why is this installation more difficult?

Opening tailgates present a unique problem; the wiring must be installed in a way that allows the tailgate to continue to function normally. If unfamiliar, the installation is difficult, we show you how to make the installation a breeze.

backup camera wiring

Here we are feeding the cabling through the factory rubber boot

This in depth video is meant to be a reference manual on how to do the entire installation. Make sure to check out our other videos on back up camera installation and the concepts behind the entire process.

Click on the chapters below to skip ahead or go back to the section that best helps you with your rear view camera installation.

9 Responses

  1. Real Thivierge says:

    I need help with installing a backup camera for a toyota corolla 2011. camera model is QC-CCRL36
    on a Car DVD GPS Android 4.4.4 Wifi Mirror Link Stereo For Toyota Corolla 2011. Need assistance to connect wire. Thank you

  2. Ulhas says:

    HI thank you for awesome video I havery followed all your instruction and have successfully installed reversing mirror view camera. However I have 3 questions
    1. I have forgotten to wrap insulation tape on wiring harness for entire length from fusebox to rear tail light / camera will it be a problem ?
    2 As I was not sure if wire gauge and had only 16 gauge wire I have used 2 x 16AWG wires between camera and fuse box is this okay?
    3 I have used wago connectors will it be okay?

    • QMV-Lorenzo says:
      1. 1. No this will not be an issue, we do it to add protection to the wire and to make it look nice.
      2. 2. 16 gauge is plenty large for a back up camera, just make sure you have a fuse on the wire.
      3. 3. These connectors will be fine.
  3. Rob says:

    Excellent video I have followed what you have said other the two red wire off jack front and back which are connected to cig lighter and rear reverse white cable. However no matter what i do i get warning message and no picture feed. What can be the problem you might think?

  4. rick rybak says:

    great job thanks

  5. Joe says:

    I would like to be able to see the view through the rear camera at any time by powering on the monitor and to have it turn on automatically when I back up. Is that possible? I think that’s what you meant at 5:25+ minutes on the video. I didn’t understand what you meant about grabbing the signal at the taillight. (5:41). Did you mean the backup light? By the signal, did you mean the signal to turn on the leds and camera when the backup lights come on? I have a Lexus RX, similar to the Toyota that you’re using for this video.

    • Joe says:

      Ok, on studying it further, I think I understand. We need a power source to keep the camera running all the time that the car key is on. We need a line from the backup light to trigger the monitor when switching into reverse.

  6. Bill C Riemers says:

    Overall, a fairly high quality video. I ran into a problem with the one I purchased on amazon. One end of the cable had the camera the other had a jack to plugin to the mirror. There seemed to be no way to run it through with the manufacture wiring short of cutting it. The second problem I ran into is the actual wire was 6 inches too short to run it all way around even in the shortest distance through the molding. I ended up taking a diagonal above the passenger seat and using Velcro. Obviously a hack. I’m trying to decide if I should cut the wire or buy an extension cable for a more permanent solution.

  7. John says:

    Need help. I previously purchased two Pyle 4500 backup camera kits and neither worked or am I doing something wrong? I tried plugging in the cigarette lighter plug into my cig lighter in truck as well as plugged in the rca cables to monitor and camera and the monitor did not come on. I have power to the cig lighter cause it shows red at the plug end but nothing on the monitor.
    Is the monitor suppose to be powered separately than the camera? In other words am I suppose to tap into the backup light on truck and have a separate power plug for the camera going into my fuse box on truck? Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you

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