Pioneer DEH-X2800UI vs. DEH-X3800UI :: Single DIN Lineup Battle

What is the difference between these radios?

For the most part, the Pioneer DEH-X2800UI and Pioneer DEH-X3800UI single din radios are very similar. There are a couple of key features that differ.

Button illumination

The DEH-X2800UI features only red button illumination while the DEH-X3800UI allows the user to select a Custom Color Illumination with over 200,000 options to match your factory dashboard illumination or to change it up and really set the mode in our vehicle. The DEH-X3800UI can be set to random color mix so that radio continuously changes color and can be combined with mixtrax for DJ inspired effects!

Pioneer single din radio line up - front

Here we have the two radios side by side. The DEH-X2800UI on the left and the DEH-X3800UI on the right.

Steering wheel control input

Unlike the DEH-X2800UI the DEH-X3800UI has an external Steering Wheel Control Input. This allows you to use the Metra ASWC Steering wheel interface so that you can retain your original steering wheel control buttons so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to control the radio.

Pioneer single din radio line up - rear

Here we have the two radios above and below one another. The DEH-X2800UI on the bottom and the DEH-X3800UI on the top.

RCA audio outputs

The DEH-X2800UI has 1 set of RCA Pre-Amp audio outputs while the DEH-X3800UI has 2 sets of RCA Pre-Amp audio outputs. These pre-amp outputs are 2 volt outputs on both radios however the DEH-X3800UI allows for added flexibility when adding a 4 channel or multiple amplifiers.

Pioneer single din radio line up - rear jacks

Here we have the rear jack panels highlighted. The DEH-X2800UI on the bottom and the DEH-X3800UI on the top.

Purchase the DEH-X2800UI or the DEH-X3800UI

Pioneer DEH-X2800UI Single DIN Car Stereo
Pioneer DEH-X3800UI Single DIN Car Stereo
Metra ASWC Steering wheel remote control

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