Security Camera Buying Guide

If you would like to monitor the daily activities that go on inside and outside of your business, you may want to consider investing in a closed-circuit television (CCTV) security camera system. This is a series of TV cameras, monitors, and display equipment that allow you to record and view videos of everything that goes on within your business in specified areas. In this guide, we will provide you with an overview of some tips to keep in mind when purchasing a CCTV security camera system, as well as how the system works.

Dual camera CCTV system

Determine your Business’ Needs

Before you can begin shopping for any sort of CCTV camera system, you will first need to assess your company’s needs. Do you need a series of cameras that simply monitor your parking lots, or do you need a more complex system that allows you to view faces, shelves, individual products and more? How many cameras do you need, and how far do you need to place them around a specified area? Once you have determined how much security your business actually needs, you can then begin to search for the best CCTV systems that will meet said needs.

Choose Your Camera & Monitor Type

Depending on the pre-determined needs of your business, as well as the locations where you will be placing the cameras throughout your business, there may be a few different camera and monitor types to consider. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options:

  • Wired CamerasA typical security camera with a wired connection. This can typically be used for either indoor or outdoor purposes, and they often have infrared night vision capabilities as well. They will need special video extension cameras, and they may also require additional cables to hook up to your monitor.
  • Wireless CamerasA wireless camera runs just like a standard security camera, except it doesn’t require any cables to connect it or make it work. They generally don’t cause interference between other devices, and the audio and video on them is exceptional.
  • Network CamerasThese particular cameras generally connect to the main router in your business using a standard Wi-Fi connection. You can then access these cameras over the Internet, which means that you can even view what is going on with your business while not at the location. In many cases, you can even set the cameras up to record video directly to your computer or smartphone.

Smartphone enabled security camera systems

Safesight CCTV security cameraOf course, there are also many different types of monitors available to you that will work with each of thesecameras. In most cases, a standard computer monitor should work just fine. However, if you have a more complex system, you may want to consider investing in a special surveillance monitor.

These are generally available at any store that sells electronics and security cameras, and they typically look like a regular computer monitor.

Understand CCTV Basics

Understanding how security cameras work is critical when it comes to finding the right model that can fit all your needs. You first need to realize that CCTV is not a fool-proof system or a guaranteed safeguard against theft. For this reason, you should also utilize other means of security to protect your products besides just the cameras. You should also realize that you will need to place several cameras over your business in different areas, and that sometimes, you may create a blind spot when you do this. Therefore, you may need to reposition or replace cameras in different spots until finally have achieved a wide angle of vision.

Benefits of CCTV Systems

Many CCTV security camera systems offer benefits to businesses for security purposes, but they have many more benefits besides that. Often, if you have an employee stationed by his/her self in a given area, cameras can provide peace of mind because there is more protection and support there, since you can see what is going on with that employee at all times, provided that someone is monitoring that camera.

CCTV systems can also be used to review the scene of an accident. For instance, if there is a collision in your parking lot, or if someone gets injured on the job, you can easily review the security footage and then determine how the accident was caused, who caused it, assess liability and more.

Technical Information

There is a host of technical information that you need to know as well, before you purchase a security camera system. For instance, you need to understand the resolution, whether the system will record in black or white, etc. Here is a breakdown of some of the technical information you will need to know and understand before making a purchase:

Lorex security camera system

  • Frames Per Second – 30 frames per second tends to be the industry standard when it comes to security cameras, as these allow you to record motion without blurs or distortions, and the footage doesn’t lag. If you can find a system with more than 30 FPS, then you will get higher-quality images and videos from such a system, which may help you to identify thieves.
  • Camera Resolution – You also need to take into consideration the resolution of the cameras you will be recording with. If it is absolutely imperative that you be able to see detail in the still images and videos you capture with these cameras, then you will more than likely want something with a higher resolution, approximately 480 TV lines or more. However, if you just need something that is cost-efficient and don’t need extreme detail, then you will probably be okay with choosing something with less than 480 TVL.
  • Monitor ResolutionIt is extremely important that the resolution of your monitor match the resolution of your camera. If not, your images and videos may end up appearing distorted, and in some cases, you may not be able to see the necessary information at all.
  • Lux – You will want to look for a good camera that has a high lux rating (0.5), for instance, which can see well in low light situations and may prove to be one of the more sensitive cameras available. On the other hand, a rating of 2 may be better under fluorescent lights. This is one of the main reasons why you should assess your needs beforehand.

    FLIR or forward looking infrared camera

  • Motion or Thermal SensorsThere are some cameras that activate with the use of a motion or thermal sensor. In a camera with a motion sensor, the unit will begin recording whenever something moves in front of the camera. On the other hand, a camera with a thermal sensor in it will begin recording whenever it detects heat. While it is generally a much better idea to purchase a camera that records all the time, if there are certain areas that you would like to keep more secure, you can invest in a model with motion or thermal detection technology.
  • Image Size – Typically, most CCTV systems feature 1-inch security cameras, but there are also 1/3-inch, 2/3-inch, and 1/2-inch camera sizes. Depending on what your needs are, you may want to choose one of the mid-size cameras so that you can see more areas of your business.
  • CablesOf course, you will need to choose the right type of video cables that will work best for your camera. To determine this, you need to assess where the cameras will be placed. If they are outdoors, they will need to be placed somewhere underground where water can’t get to them. However, if they are indoors, you can scatter them throughout various locations. If you want to be discreet, it may be best to put all your cables underground, then run them into a central security room.
  • Cable Routing – As you route the cables, you will need to watch out for any hazards like staples, pipes, power lines, fluorescent lights, and radio systems. It is also important that you watch out for pulling or flexing as you move the cables to their proper place.
  • Black and White Vs. Color – Surprisingly, many black and white security cameras can see much better and have a higher resolution than color cameras do. If the footage you are trying to capture will be primarily shot at night, after hours, then your best option is to invest in a black and white monitoring system.

CCTV Cable

Under Cabinet Kitchen TV Buyers Guide

under cabinet kitchen tv
The KLV3915 under cabinet kitchen tv

The New TV room

For anyone who would wish to incorporate a TV into their kitchen, then a great option would be an under cabinet television. This set can be easily placed on a corner in the kitchen or any other position as deemed fit. The convenience that comes with this TV is incomparable, not only does it take up minimum space, but during those times when the appliance is not in use it can be flipped up, then down again when necessary.

coby ktfdvd1560 under cabinet kitchen tv Considering the fact that the kitchen has limited space specifically dedicated to particular tasks, you do not have to further limit this space because with under cabinet kitchen TVs, the mounting ensures that none of that precious space is taken up-a definite plus. Just as the name suggests, the set is mounted under the cabinet; which is exactly the concept that led to the development of this type of TV.

Under cabinet TVs can additionally be installed in areas such as the garage, or even the utility room. The sets come in different sizes, just like any other TV, and thus, one can pick the size in relation to their kitchen size. A very small set may just disappear in a large kitchen, therefore its best to go for the larger options to match up bigger spaces.

Kitchen tv's swivel for optimum viewingSome of the under cabinet TVs come with built in radios and players for both CD’s and DVD’s , hence  once you get one installed, you can always watch and listen to anything you want. This also means that even as you prepare your meals, or clear the kitchen, you do not have to miss out on any shows you love since you can simultaneously watch and perform your tasks.

Venturer KLR19132 Kitchen TV

Under cabinet TVs can be swiveled, and this enables you to change their angle as you wish so that you can comfortably watch your shows from any position you want. The TVs are quite easy to install, with a few simple and easy instructions.

However, they should be installed away from areas with extreme heat since this may easily destroy them. Moreover, you should take into consideration the layout of your kitchen so that you can maximize on the use of the set.

Once you get an under cabinet kitchen TV installed, make certain to keep it safe by ensuring that no liquids spill or splash on it since the sets are very sensitive-you want to be sure to enjoy it for as long as possible. The Kitchen TV is a must have item in your home and once you purchase one, it will make any time spent in the kitchen quite exciting and lively.

Under Cabinet Television Things To Know

1. Cable and Satellite Ready – All of our under cabinet kitchen TV’s are designed to work with the entertainment your accustomed to and come equipped with an aux input to easily connect to your home’s cable network.

Rear jack panel of Venturer KLV3915


2.Built in Digital TV Tuner-If you do not have access to cable at home don’t worry, all of our under cabinet televisions televisions have a built in digital TV tuner to enjoy your favorite local channels.


3.Entertainment-All of our units are designed to be a kitchen entertainment media center as nearly all of our kitchen TV’s come with a built in DVD player and AM/FM radio receiver.

Streaming media icons

Some kitchen TV’s like Venturer’s new KLR19132 are incorporating new technology like built in Wifi to stream music, movies and TV shows directly with the help of Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and Youtube apps.

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Enter the coupon code


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Top 5 CCTV Questions – Video review

CCTV Security Cameras
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11/07/2014 Episode 10 – Its hard to put a price on safety and a good CCTV camera can provide peace of mind at home or in the work place. In the unfortunate event an accident or crime does occur you can capture it all.

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Best Under cabinet TV’s – Video reviews of the best

Under cabinet kitchen televisions
Under cabinet Kitchen TV with HDMI input

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Kitchen televisions are a great way to add a TV to your kitchen without taking up valuable counter space. Kitchen TV’s are a space saver with their ability to fold up and away when not in use.

Kitchen televisions are also perfect for a variety of applications that are outside of the kitchen. You can nicely mount under cabinet televisions in coach bunks, bathrooms, RVs, or in small bedrooms.

Our entire line-up of under cabinet kitchen televisions offer all the features of large TV’s. You will not sacrifice picture quality. Our kitchen TV’s are well built and is easy to control with their waterproof remote controls. Built-in DVD players are important for those who are using the TV in an area with poor reception. An under cabinet TV must also be compact in size and as lightweight as possible.

Quality Mobile Video is the only retailer that provides a under cabinet television with HDMI input. The TOP-131KTV is the premier kitchen television with 1080p HD input and its beautiful stainless steel housing. There is no finer kitchen television.

Watch our video above and learn all about the different features that our TV’s have to offer. We have a full selection with all sizes and colors to suit any kitchen.

DSLR Focus Pull Monitor Buying Guide

DSLR focus pull monitors

What is a DSLR Monitor?

A DSLR monitor is a digital single-lens reflex monitor. This type of monitor is sold by various electronics stores and is the newest type of computer monitor. It is usually small and portable, meaning it is the perfect monitor to use in a vehicle. DSLR monitors can be installed on the back of a car’s seat or on the ceiling of the car.

DSLR monitors are often used by filmmakers to make it easier for them to view the footage they have shot. These monitors are often attached to a DSLR camera’s shoe. Filmmakers sometimes also attach a DSLR monitor to their DSLR rig’s cage support system or rail.

Why Use a DSLR Monitor?

Many filmmakers choose to use DSLR monitors because they make it easier for you to focus while filming. This is much more convenient than not being able to focus closely on the footage until filming has commenced. The articulated screen of a DSLR monitor is another reason why it is handy to have. It makes it easier for you to see the image on the screen, even if the screen is above you.

DSLR monitors are also good for when you have multiple people viewing the screen simultaneously. Everyone will be able to see the action on the screen in full detail, without having to squint. This can make collaboration among those working on a film much easier.

Camera types for the monitor

Safesight CVFQ-E242 5 Inch DSLR Monitor

The Safesight CVFQ-E242 5-inch HD DSLR Monitor is a popular item among tech savvy consumers. This widescreen, anti glare monitor with a wide viewing angle has HDMI input, AV audio/video input and BNC input. The wide viewing angle allows the screen to be viewed 140 degrees vertically as well as 120 degrees horizontally. If you purchase a battery for this monitor, the battery is good for 10 hours of use before you need to recharge it.

DSLR monitor for focus pulling

The 5-inch HD DSLR monitor includes a remote control and an HDMI cable. It can be mounted onto a standard tripod, making it easy and convenient to use. This DSLR monitor features full image control so you can get vivid colors on your screen, such as blue, red and green. It can be connected to a hot shoe, which is the point on the top of the monitor that allows for a unit to be attached to it.

Some of the adjustments that can be made to this monitors’ pictures are inversion of the onscreen image, flipping of the onscreen image, horizontal and vertical positions, color temperature, contrast, tint, brightness and saturation. This product is often used as a DSLR external monitor for a DVD player, GPS or gaming system.

8 inch focus pull monitor

CVFQ-E182 8 inch DSLR Monitor

If your in the market for an even larger monitor we also carry the CVFQ-E182 8 inch DSLR monitor. This 8 inch monitor features a very wide viewing angle of 120 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically. The E182 also carries a super bright full 1080p HD picture and a battery capable of operating for up to 10 hours. The unit will also come with everything you see above.

8 inch DSLR monitor

DSLR focus pull monitors