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Rosen AV7500 Installation Manual
Rosen AV7900 Installation instructions
Rosen AV7950 DVD Headrests – Installation

We walk you through the entire installation process of adding Vehicle Specific Rosen DVD headrests to a 2010 Acura MDX SUV. The installation is a relatively easy thing to do but does require some disassembly of the vehicle and some automotive wiring know how.

Rosen AV7900 Installed
Rosen AV7900 Installed

Step 1 – Equipment Placement
You will need to find a location to mount the control bow and route the wires. The location that we determined would be the best is under the seat.

Step 2 – Remove the seat back for running wires
The plastic seatback is removed to make way for running the wires in the seat for connection to the control box. Simply pop the pops and slide the seat back down for removal.

Step 3 – Remove the original headrests and insert the AV7950
The removal of the factory headrests is simply a matter of pulling them out through the top. When inserting the replacement headrests you will need to route the wiring.

Step 4 – Routing the wire through to the seat bottom
The wiring is run on the left and right side of the seat back to seat bottom connector bracket. The are factory cables that are run and we run ours the same way.

Step 5 – Tie off cabling
The cabling must be secured to prevent cable damage when the seat is moved. All of our cables are tied to the existing factory cables.

AV7900 Installed in a Land Rover Evoque
AV7900 DVD Headrests installed in a Land Rover Evoque

Step 6 – Prepare seat back for re-installation
Make sure to have the plastic tabs in place so that they are aligned for the re-installation of the seat back.

Step 7 – Route drivers side wiring to control box
To run the drivers side cabling we attach all of the cables underneath the seat to the factory cables. Once completed we make the connection to the control box.

Step 8 – Power connection
To provide power to the system we connected our power lead to the Bluetooth module behind the rear cigarette lighter plug.

Step 9 – Passenger side cabling
To run the passenger side cabling we opted to remove the center console and route the wiring through the console. Once completed we make the connection to the control box.

Step 10 – Verify our connections with a voltmeter
Before turning on the power we verify our connections with a volt meter

Hopefully this video gives you a better idea as to how we install a set of replacement headrests in your vehicle.

AV7950 DVD Headrest installation
We walk you through the entire installation process of adding DVD headrests to your vehicle

Pioneer DEH X8700BH Single DIN Bluetooth & HD Radio

Pioneer DEH-X8700BH

This is one of Pioneer’s better SINGLE DIN in-dash radios. It features a standard AM/FM Tuner along with Bluetooth, Dual Phone Pairing, an LCD Display, HD Radio, Pandora Support, MIXTRAX and also plays those ancient things called Compact Discs.


Bluetooth is extremely easy to connect. It allows you to safely talk on the phone while driving with hands free calling, gives you access to your phonebook, and the ability to also stream music from your mobile device directly to the radio.
The X8700BH’s MIXTRAX feature creates a non-stop playlist of the music from your mobile device to turn those long drives into a party.

Color Illumination

Color illumination can be selected from the settings menu with several options. Choose the color that best matches your dashboard or mood, or simply choose “SCAN” to continuously cycle through each one.


The left side of the radio features a “PHONE CALL” button to make or answer a call, a BAND button to cycle the menus and a POWER button.
The Multi-Control Dial is easy to use and allows you to both SEEK through music tracks or radio stations and adjust the VOLUME.
To prevent theft, Pioneer has designed the X8700BH face-plate to be detachable. Simply release it from the housing and take with you wherever you go.


Lets move to all the connections in the back. First, there are two Pigtails, one for the external microphone and the other for AM/FM and HD Radio. A USB input allows you to connect an iPod to the radio to play music and charge your device. The wiring harness plugs in here to connect power, ground and speakers. There are two 3.5mm AUXILIARY inputs and finally there are 3 sets of 4 volt RCA Outputs for running external amplifiers.

In The Box

Along with the radio, the box includes a wiring harness, a USB extension cable, an external microphone that runs 13 feet, a wireless remote control and mounting hardware.

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Power Acoustik PTID-8920B Single DIN 7″ Flip-Up LCD DVD Radio

Power Acoustik PTID-8290B

The Power Acoustik PTID-8290B is a great radio for anyone who can only fit a single-din radio in their car, but really want that large screen display that is usually associated with double-din radios. When you first power the 8920B up, the LCD is display completely hidden inside the radio. When you press the “OPEN” button on the right, the motors kick in and the LCD Display slides out and tilts up. The radio also allows you to adjust the tilt angle of the monitor to your personal preference.


Bluetooth gives you full control over your phone, allowing you to make and receive calls and even go through your phonebook. Hands Free Calling allows you to drive safely while talking on the phone. Bluetooth also gives you the ability to stream music from your mobile device to the radio.

DVD Player

A great feature that makes this radio fun for passengers is its ability to play DVDs! Simply insert your DVD and get to watching. The wireless remote control gives you full control over all radio and DVD functions.


The front of the radio features two audio inputs. One is a USB input, to easily connect an iPod to the radio. The other is a 3.5mm Auxiliary input for other audio devices.

The 8920B also has an SD Memory Card slot and can play MP3, MP4, DivX, and JPEGS! Release the front panel from the housing and insert a card into the slot. Once the front is attached again you can play your media.

Back Connections

To start the PTID-8920B has 5 Channel RCA Outputs, and one for an optional backup camera. Next is a Wiring Harness input. Attached to the radio is a Subwoofer output and a Radio Antenna.

In the Box

Included in the box is  the wiring harness, a wireless remote control to control all functions, and mounting hardware.

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Kenwood DDX272 vs. DDX372BT vs. DDX672BH :: Double DIN line up battle

In today’s line up battle we will be going over three kick ass Kenwood touchscreen radios. The DDX272, the DDX372BT and the DDX672BH.

The three feature built in DVD/CD players, responsive touchscreens, RDS AM/FM Radio tuners, and are Sirius XM ready. All three provide rear USB connections, and have a backup camera input. These multimedia car radio’s play everything from DVDs, CDs, JPEGs, MP3s to MOV files from both USB and DVD.

Contender #1 :: DDX272

To start the battle our first contender is the DDX272. It brings a 6.2 inch touchscreen with an integrated DVD slot. The RDS AM/FM tuner has 24 preset memory. The DVD player will prevent watching as you are driving unless you opt to disable this feature.

The built equalizer allows you to adjust the sound to suit your music and listening taste. To match your factory dash the illumination color can be matched with near infinite possibilities. The rotary volume control makes adjusting volume easy and quick. The AV-RCam button gives you direct access to your back up camera or phone apps.

The back reveals all the connections. Starting with the wiring harness which powers the radio and provides speaker level outputs, a USB cable to connect an iPod or thumb drive, The DDX272 has a single 3.5mm audio video input. The 6 channel pre-amp outs provide 4 volts for lower noise and easier integration. The Sirius satellite radio input provides a connection to a Sirius connect SXV300 satellite radio tuner.

Contender #2 :: DDX372

To take our battle to the next level, we have the DDX372BT. The 372 adds Bluetooth for both streaming and phone calls. Like the DDX272 the 372 has a 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen with integrated DVD slot. With the direct touchscreen controls you can access any audio video input immediately. The DDX372BT adds the direct Bluetooth button for hands-free phone calls or to quickly pair your phone. The 372BT has access to you phonebook and you can also manually dial any number you need. The external microphone ensures excellent audio quality for your callers.

Bluetooth supports audio streaming from your music library or your favorite music app. Direct connecting your phone through USB provides greater sound quality and charges your phone while its being used.

Like the DDX272 the DDX372BT has the rotary volume control and immediate access to your back up camera. The 372 adds immdiate access to your phone and apps.

Moving to the back. The wiring harness which powers the radio and provides speaker level outputs, a USB cable to connect an iPod or thumb drive, The DDX372BT has a single 3.5mm audio video input. It too has 6 channel pre-amp outs providing 4 volts for excellent noise rejection. The external microphone input is added to the 372BT in addition to the standard Sirius satellite radio input.

Contender #3 :: DDX672BH

Next up the big dog! The Kenwood DDX672BH! The 672 steps up the screen size to 6.95 inches and has a motorized face plate with bottom mounted controls. The DVD/CD player slot is located behind the motorized display and supports most digital formats with the exception of MP4. The 672 introduces us to HD radio and for cd sound quality from your favorite radio stations.

The 672 has integrated Bluetooth for hands free calling and streaming audio. The simple one touch pairing is quick and supports Pandora wirelessly. The external microphone ensure excellent call quality and makes for optimal placement.

The rear layout is virtually identical to the DDX372BT. It features a single 3.5mm audio video input. Microphone input for the included external microphone. Like the 272 and 372 it has 6 channel outputs at 4 volts for excellent sound quality and minimal noise. The USB supports direct iPhone connection and USB thumb drives. The USB supports most digital media types with the exception of MP4 but does play DivX.

All three radios include a double DIN trim plate, radio cage, pull keys, and mounting hardware.

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That’s it for today’s line up battle. Hopefully this helps you decide which one is for you. Leave your questions below. You know what to do like or dislike this video, subscribe to our channel, and visit to get yours today. See you again next time!

DreamWave Harmony vs. Bose SoundLink Mini 2

DreamWave Harmony

New Name in Bluetooth Audio

DreamWave is a new brand that is making a name for themselves with high quality bluetooth speakers to rival competitors like Bose, Sony and Apple. They are a company that is dedicated to providing premium products at competitive prices.

Their speakers are perfect for any environment, whether it be indoors at a professional office and the comfort of a home, or outdoors at a evening cookout and the sunny beach.


The Harmony is a compact and portable speaker with a strong build and great sound quality. It rivals its competition in performance for a cheaper price at only $149.99.
The housing is elegantly brushed aluminum. The front and back are covered with solid grills and the top and bottom are covered with a grip texture. Inside are dual 1-3/4 inch speakers with dual passive radiators that produce great bass and treble.

In our video we compare the performance of the Harmony against the Bose Soundlink Mini. It holds its own against the more expensive competitor with loud and crisp audio aided by its Anti-
Distortion Circuitry.

Anyone can feel the quality of its design in the palm of their hand as it weighs in at a sturdy 3.8lbs. It has a width of 9.1″, a height of 2.4″ and a depth of 2.5″. The top panel of the Harmony features the traditional commands: LED power, Bluetooth connect, and volume. Its battery life is exceptional. It runs 18 hours at 2/3 volume and 10 hours at MAX.The back features to inputs, one for a 3.5mm AUX cable and the other for the AC Adapter Charger.


Easily connect your mobile device to play music and apps or to use Hands Free Calling.

Bluetooth Modes:

  • CSR4.0+ EDR: Full 2-Way Bluetooth control between speaker and phone
  • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile allows high quality audio to be streamed from an phone to speaker
  • AVRCP: Audio Video Remote Control Profile allows you to play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind of your music


  • Compact and Strong Design
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Competitively Priced
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Calling


  • Only one color option
  • Lower Bass Performance than main Competition
Dreamwave Harmony versus the Bose Sound Link Mini
Dreamwave Harmony versus the Bose Sound Link Mini

How to wire 2 dual 2 ohm voice coil subwoofers

Checkout our previous post on subwoofer wiring

In response to our blog post Subwoofer Impedance and amplifier output we filmed a video on some of the concepts contained in that post. As we showed in our subwoofer wiring diagrams you can present the amplifier with many different loads depending on how many voice coils and the impedance of those voice coils.

Wrong amplifier and subwoofers

In the example outlined in the video, we show you a hypothetical situation where we cannot connect the two subwoofers we have to the Rockford Fosgate PBR300X2 amplifier. This amplifier requires a two ohm load when bridged and there is no way we can create that load with our Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8 inch low profile subwoofers. These Pioneer subwoofers are better suited for the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D amplifier as it can handle loads as low as 1 ohm.

8 ohm or 1 ohm subwoofer wiring

In the next segment we show you how to wire the Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 subwoofers as either an 8 ohm or 1 ohm load. By creating a 1 ohm load this makes them optimized from most class D mono subwoofer amplifiers.

See the products we used in this video:

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D 500 Watt Car amplifier
Rockford Fosgate PBR300X2 300 Watt Car amplifier
Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8″ low-profile subwoofer

We show you how to wire two 8 inch subwoofers with dual 2 ohm voice coils to create an 8 ohm and 2 ohm load. We also show you how to check your subwoofer impedance. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1, P2, and P3 Subwoofers – Video review

Last week we showed you a complete Pioneer audio system for under $400. This week we are going to talk all about the BASS.

Let’s get started

Rockford Fosgate is known by all bass heads for their relentless hard hitting bass. Rockford has one of the largest line-ups of subwoofers with three different lines. Within those lines there are 3 performance levels. Prime, Punch, and Power are all performance subwoofers and push the envelope with their output.

Rockford Fosgate Prime subwoofers

For those getting started in car audio or for those looking for a little fuller sound we have the Prime series. These entry level woofers are available in the R1 and R2 series in both 10 inch and 12 inch models. R1’s are the least expensive way to get some low-end notes in your ride.

The R2’s are available in shallow and regular mount. They are a step up from the R1’s with their better power handling and more flexible wiring options thanks to their dual voice coil design.

Punch P1 subwoofers

For those looking for some serious bass, Rockford has the Punch series. Punch subwoofers are available in P1, P2, and P3 performance lines. The P1 is the introduction to the Punch line-up. The P1’s are available in 8, 10, 12, and 15 inch. The P1 introduces a linear spider with embedded 16 gauge tinsel leads and are only available in single voice coil. The Kevlar fiber paper cone is extremely rigid and delivers the bass you expect from a Punch series woofer.

Punch P2 subwoofers

The P2 takes all of the P1 features and pushes the envelope even further. The P2 brings added flexibility with its dual voice coil design. The P2 also has a considerably larger motor structure…. The magnet size is increased nearly 40% and has a 2-1/2 inch voice-coil compared the P1’s 2 inch voice coil. The integrated spider and voice-coil venting is a standard feature of all Punch series subwoofers.

Punch P3 subwoofers

The P3 improves on the P2 and pushes subwoofer technology to the limit. The P3’s are available in 10, 12, and 15 models. Rockford has pushed the XMAX limit to nearly 16 millimeters! To get there, Rockford has yet again increased the magnet size by nearly 35% over the P2. The larger VAST surround allows for the increased excursion and adds up to 25% more cone area. The P2 adds an Anodized aluminum cone and dust cap for even more rigidity.

The P3 line-up adds shallow mount subwoofers in 8, 10, and 12 inch models. The shallow mount P3’s incorporate all of the P3 technology in a depth limited package. The M-roll surround allows for nearly 9 millimeters of XMAX and the dual linear spider keeps everything in alignment. The P3 shallow open up new possibilities in otherwise limited applications.

The P3 is the best performing Punch series subwoofer.

All Rockford Punch series woofers include trim rings and are compatible with optional Rockford grills. The trim rings provide a distinct look for a nice finished product.

Punch pre-loaded subwoofers

For those of us not interested in building a box or having one made.. Rockford has the entire Punch and Prime series subwoofers in pre-loaded enclosures. The Punch pre-loaded enclosures are available in P1, P2, and P3 performance levels and utilize the same drivers in 10 and 12 inch.. They are available in Single and dual driver configurations.

Be sure to check out our video on the Rockford fosgate prime subwoofers in pre-loaded enclosures below for more information on them.

Get your Rockford Fosgate subwoofers today at Quality Mobile Video with a 1 year warranty and 30 day returns. Thanks for watching and leave your comments below.

Amp + Subwoofer + Component speakers or under $400

Complete car audio system for under $400

What’s up guys it’s Lorenzo with Quality Mobile Video and today we are going to show you a couple new things from Pioneer.

Where to start

Last week we showed you the Pioneer AppRadio 4 and we’re going to take it a step further rounding out a complete audio system. To start, we will be using a set of component speakers. Pioneer has just introduced their new components and they’re a step up from previous model in a couple of ways.

TS-D1730C Tweeter

Pioneer opted to completely revamp the tweeter. The tweeter was made smaller to more easily fit door pillars, door sails, and factory door locations. The 1 inch tweeter is a soft dome, composite design and establishes a new philosophy for Pioneer called Open and Smooth. This new philosophy is meant to broaden the soundstage beyond the internal walls of your vehicle. The tweeter incorporates a larger rear chamber allowing it to play lower for better synergy with the woofer. The rounded over flange facilitates wider dispersion to create that enveloping sound.

TS-D1730C Woofer

The woofer is all new with it’s composite fibre cone. The cone is extremely rigid and light for high speed mid-bass with minimal distortion at any volume level. To accurately combine these new drivers, Pioneer has redesigned the crossover extensively. The new crossover utilizes high quality components in an easier to mount chassis. +3, -3 and 0db adjustments to the tweeter level, are easily made with the attenuation switch.

TS-SWX2502 Subwoofer

To round out the audio system we need a sub. Pioneer has updated their well known pre-loaded enclosures. The TS-SWX2502 uses their all new line of slim subwoofers. The high quality MDF enclosure is small enough to fit in a cargo area or behind seats. It’s wrapped in high quality black carpet and matches any vehicle. The 10 inch driver provides sufficient bass to round out an audio system in a truck or hatchback.

GM-D1004 4-Channel amplifier

To complete our audio system we need some power. To power our system we opted to use the amazing new pocket size amplifier, the Pioneer GM-D1004. Don’t let the small size fool you, this class FD amplifier packs a perfect punch for our small audio system. The four channel amp can be set up to run 45 watts to each of our stereo speakers and 90 watts bridged to our subwoofer. The amplifier is perfect for any audio system, it accepts speaker level and RCA level inputs. The audio sense turn on makes it perfect for OEM stereo upgrades where remote turn ons are not available. Class FD ensures that it runs cool and very efficiently making it perfect for mounting in hidden locations or behind panels.

Under $400 and is a nice upgrade from a factory system

This system can be added to any vehicle and all for under $400 bucks! I challenge you to find a better system for less, so get yours today at quality mobile video with 1 year warranty and 30 day returns. Thanks for watching and leave your comments below. See you again next week.

Pioneer SPH-DA120 AppRadio 4 – Review Video

Buy the Pioneer AppRadio 4 here: Pioneer SPH-DA120 AppRadio 4

Pioneer SPH-DA120 AppRadio 4

What’s up guys it’s Lorenzo with Quality Mobile Video and today we are going to talk about the Pioneer APP Radio 4! As you saw last week, Ray introduced the AVIC-8100NEX and the App Radio 4 takes many of the same features from Pioneer’s flagship model.

Awesome New Features:

The App Radio 4 has the same intuitive capacitance touch screen that responds to multi touch commands, pinch to zoom out, open to zoom in, and swipe commands! Pioneer has taken to opportunity of smart phone revolution, digital media and cheap storage and relegated the disc drive to the trash bin. Instead they have brought you the power of your phone to your car dash board. Like the Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX, the App Radio 4 adds Apple Car Play. That iPad mini you wanted in your dash is finally there! Car Play allows you to access your most common smart phone features without taking your eyes off the road. Car play leverages the power of Siri for texting and phone calls. Tell Siri who you want to call or have her respond to a text without ever taking your eyes off the road. You can easily access your phone book, recent calls, favorites, keypad and voicemail.

Music Apps

Your favorite music apps are right at your finger tips, no more fumbling for the phone to change that song. Access Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and iTunes radio. Your playlists, album art, thumbs up, thumbs down are all right there.

Smartphone Navigation

For getting around town, the App radio 4 combines the power of Siri and Apple maps. Tell Siri that you need some morning coffee and she’ll find the closest shop to get your fix. Apple maps has real time traffic making it easy to avoid a bad situation. Non-Apple fans will love the Bluetooth streaming and phone support that the App Radio 4 has. Easily link up with your phone and play your favorite tunes or take phone calls without taking your eyes off the road. For Android users the App Radio 4 has mirror link and App radio mode, it doesn’t have support for Android auto that the 8100nex has, but mirror link makes using your Android phone pleasant.

A thing of beauty

The button-less glass front makes the App Radio 4 a nice addition and upgrade to any vehicle. The 6.2 inch screen is very bright and easily viewable in direct sunlight. Seamlessly integrate into existing vehicles with double din cutouts, full color matching button illumination and steering wheel control inputs.

Sound Quality

Sound quality conscious listeners will love the support for FLAC audio files. The built in 13-band EQ allows you to fine tune your sound system and vehicle interior you’re your personal listening tastes. You can playback high-res 192 Kilohertz 24 bit audio files and it has support for full HD video files.

Inputs and Outputs

The App radio 4 has tons of inputs and outputs. You can easily add a rear view camera, rear video monitor with dual zone control, and auxiliary input! The (3) 4-volt RCA provide high quality and low noise outputs to external amplifiers. The SPH-DA120 App Radio 4 revolutionizes the driving experience with the power of your smart phone. Get your App radio at quality mobile video with 1 year warranty and 30 day returns, see you again next week. Leave your comments below.

Active Headrest DVD player – Installation & Review video

Our entire selection here: Active Headrest DVD Player

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Many of today’s newer vehicles have headrests that cannot be removed without comprimising the safety systems of the vehicle. Active headrests are designed to help prevent whiplash in the event of an accident. This normally makes adding headrest DVD player difficult but we have you covered.

Active Headrest DVD Players are designed to attach to the headrest posts and allow the headrest its full range of motion. Active headrest DVD players are just like every other headrest dvd player in that they allow you to watch the same movie or a seperate movie. The most popular system we offer is the DVD9900 Active Headrest DVD player.

The DVD9900 headrest monitors are easy to install and have a great build quality. In this quick walkthrough, learn how to connect them to virtually any size headrest posts. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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