Cut in headrest monitor installation

Learn How to Install Headrest Monitors With or Without Integrated DVD Players in Any Vehicle has put together a detailed set of resources to help consumers install all of the latest dvd headrest monitors in their vehicles. We have developed printable instructions and how-to videos to better explain the headrest monitor installation process.

We have put together a set of resources that will help you to install your headrest video system. We have also partnered with InstallerNet to offer nationwide prepaid installation services if you feel that self installation is too much for you.

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Headrest monitor resources and links

Nationwide prepaid installation

Table : Download overhead flip down monitor installation instructions

Installation Instructions PG1 PDF
Installation Instructions PG2 PDF
Headrest monitor installation videos

Installing cut in headrest monitors in a Chevy Suburban

Removing your factory headrests

To remove your factory headrests you will need to use a allen wrench or right angle pick. Simply insert the allen wrench or pick into the hole on the side of the headrest post and pull the headrest up.

Checking for clearance and proper placement

Place your headrest monitor trim ring to use as a cutting jig and a placement jig

Use the trim ring or cutting template to properly place your headrest monitor on the headrest. Makes sure to have at least 3/8″ of an inch from each corner.

Cutting your x pattern in your headrestsUsing a ruler cut your X pattern

After determining your placement with the template, start to cut you headrests from opposite corner to opposite corner. By cutting this way you will create an X pattern. Make sure to use a straight edge and start your cut 3/8″ of an inch inside of the corner.

Double checking your x pattern - headrest monitor installationDouble check your X pattern

Once you have cut your X pattern you will need to verify that you have 1/4″ to 3/8″ from each corner uncut.

Pull back the upholstery to cut foam out - headrest monitor installationCut the foam padding for mounting shroud

You will need to determine the amount of foam you will need to remove in order to have the headrest shroud mount flush to the headrest surface. For most monitors that is usually 1″ of foam that needs to be removed. Begin cutting the outline of the monitor.

Placing the mounting bracket for an overhead flip down monitor installationPull the material back to prevent accidental damage

Carefully pull the headrest material back to cut the foam out of the headrest. Cut in small step and check against the headrest shroud. It better to make a bunch of small cuts instead of one deep cut.

Check the depth of cut - headrest monitor installationCheck the depth of cut

Double check the depth of cut by inserting the headrest bucket into the headrest to determine whether or not you have removed enough foam. As a rule of thumb, we cut and extra 1/4″ of foam out in order to have the headrest bucket look slightly recessed in the headrest.

un your wires and install your headrest monitors - headrest monitor installationRun your wires and install the headrest monitors

Run your power wires through the seat an install you headrest monitors with adhesive or screws.

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