Flip Down Monitor helpful hints

flip down monitor helpful hints
Why is my flip down monitor draining my car battery?

A flip down monitor is efficiently designed to power up as soon as the vehicle is on and should not drain the car’s battery when installed properly. If you find your flip down monitor is draining your car battery, it is most commonly due to a direct instillation to the vehicles dome lights. The dome lights on a vehicle are one of the few power sources that receive continuous power even when the vehicle is off, so if a flip down monitor receives its power directly from the dome lights it can quickly drain the battery.

Will my head unit be able to connect to my flip down monitor?

Yes, but only if your head unit possesses a standard RCA out. Many if not all of our flip down monitors come equipped with standard RCA inputs which can be used to connect a head unit directly to the flip down monitor using a single RCA cable.

No disc errors or unable to read disc errors on flip down monitors

More and more we are seeing issues with read errors on overhead dvd players due to installation related problems. The most common error we see is that installers are over tightening the unit to the ceiling. When the unit is over tightened to the ceiling it causes the housing to distort preventing the laser mechanism and door pickup mechanism from operating correctly causing disc read errors and no disc errors. The way we recommend to install overhead dvd players is to have the unit lightly tightened to the headliner and use loctite to prevent the screws from backing out. This way the unit is actually suspended from the screws and is lightly touching the headliner.

What are the recommended sizes for flip down monitors?

Normally, the recommended sizes for flip down monitors range anywhere from 9 to 10 inches for coupes and sedans 10 to 12 inches on standard size SUV’s, pick up trucks and crossover type vehicles and no larger than about 16 inches for larger SUV’s and passenger vans.

How do I make sure I can use wireless headphones with my flip down monitor?

The ability to use wireless headphones is a relatively standard feature found on most flip down monitors known as built in infrared (IR)

How do I make sure my flip down monitor will be able to play audio over the vehicles’ speakers?

The ability to play audio over the cars’ speakers is a relatively standard feature know as an FM transmitter. An FM transmitter allows you to wirelessly play audio over the cars’ speakers through an FM radio station.

Is it possible to install a flip down on a vehicle with a sunroof/moonroof? If so what is the recommended size?

Yes, it is definitely possible to install a flip down monitor on a vehicle with a moonroof. The largest suggested size to install on a vehicle with a moonroof would be a 12 inch. This is in large part due to the weight of the unit rather than size as you’ll begin to experiencing a bouncing of the monitor as you drive with larger type monitors.

What kind of wireless headphones can I use with my flip down monitor?

If your vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket flip down monitor more likely it is equipped with single channel infrared capabilities. This is a universal form of transmitting sound, any of our single channel infrared (IR) headphones would work. If the flip down monitor came factory with the vehicle, it could either be equipped with infrared or radio frequency.

How do I know for certain if my flip down monitor works of universal infrared (IR) or radio frequency?

One of the basic tests I recommend people can do to find out if they have monitors that work off infrared or radio frequency is the proximity test. Infrared technology is relatively limited by proximity, meaning the user has to be pretty close to the direct line of sight of the monitor in order to work, if not the sound sharply cuts off. Radio frequency is much less dependent on proximity and direct line of sight, with the ability to collect sound even outside the vehicle.

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