Buick Enclave Rosen AV7950 HDMI Headrest Monitors

Rosen AV7950 DVD Headrest monitor installation

Every once and a while there are vehicles such as the 2013 buick enclave that has special groves on the seat that make it virtually impossible to replace the headrest with universal headrest monitors as they simply wont fit.

We recently sold two pairs of Rosen vehicle specific headrest monitors to one of our customers who needed  a pair for the second row and a pair for the third row for a jammed packed video entertainment system.

Not only are vehicle specific headrest monitors perfect for matching your vehicles interior to a tea from color shape to texture but in rare instances such as the one found in this case they may be your only option for a headrest entertainment system.

Below are a couple of pictures to show how these Rosen headrest monitors are tailor made for each individual vehicle.

Check to see if we have a pair of vehicle specific headrest monitors for your vehicle today

4 headrests installed in one vehicle

Headrest close up

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