Installing a Backup Camera on a Factory In Dash Monitor

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is if it is possible to install a backup camera on a vehicle that already has a factory in dash video monitor. Long story short, the answer more than likely is yes.

Most cameras work of a standard RCA video connection which plenty of aftermarket in dash video monitors have, the only problem is that most factory navigation radio’s do not come equipped with a standard RCA input.

That’s where a video/navigation interface comes in. A video/navigation interface is simply a standard RCA input that can be added to many vehicles and allows the factory in dash video monitor to be used as a backup camera monitor.

There are a few companies dedicated to making these video/navigation interfaces for several makes and models among the leaders are Pac-Audio and NavTool Inc.

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  1. S. Tassin says:

    Where can I buy a video navigation interface for 2015 Impala and what is the cost?

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