Boss Audio BVS13.3B 13.3″ Single DIN Car Stereo

Purchase: Boss Audio BVS13.3B Single DIN Car Stereo

To start this radio has an output of 85 Watts, has a built in FM/AM Tuner and EQ, and plays those old Matchbox 20 CD’s laying around in your car.

The LCD display is 13.3″, extremely responsive to your touch, and has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It’s basically like having an iPad on your dashboard.

To attach the monitor, start by pressing the OPEN button on the left of the radio’s panel. The internal motor will push the monitor plate out and up.

Slide the monitor in then snap it back into the plate’s matching connections. The display will turn on immediately. The monitor is even easier to detach, just press the release button on the back and remove it from the monitor plate.

The main menu of the LCD reveals access to all of the different functions of the radio from Bluetooth, to DVD to the USB input.

Connecting your mobile device to the bluetooth is simple. Just enter the passcode 8888 and you’re all set. Bluetooth allows you to stream music from your library or apps like SPOTIFY, and it also gives you full control over your phone allowing you to make and answer calls.

The radio allows you to set Steering Wheel Control presets for convenient control while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Its ability to play DVD’s makes this radio family and passenger friendly. Insert your disc and get to watching.

Believe it or not, the BVS13.3B also accepts SD Cards and can play everything from MP3, MP4, WMA to AVI. To access it release the front panel from the housing and insert a card into the slot. Once the front is attached again you can play your media.

Onto the connections on the back. There are two inputs, for audio/video external sources and rear and subwoofer pre-amp outputs. Attached is a radio antenna jack. And finally the wiring harness input.

Included in the box are three wiring harnesses, the audio and video and rear and subwoofer output cables, and a wireless remote control.

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How to video – Backup Camera Installation

Start to finish, fully detailed!

As part 3 of our series on how to install a backup camera we take you through the entire installation process.

Our equipment and installation locations

For our installation, we decided that the back up camera would be located in the rear tailgate and the monitor would be a replacement rearview mirror monitor. The camera we decided on was the Boyo VTK230HD back up camera as it was very small and would mount perfectly to the lip overhang by the license plate.

backup camera installed
Here we mounted the backup camera near the license plate on the overhang above the license plate

For the monitor, we opted to use the Safesight RVMZH4300 4.3 glass mount rearview mirror monitor.

rear view mirror monitor
Here we installed the glass mount rear view mirror in place of the factory mirror

Why add a back up camera?

The Toyota Sienna minivan is a relatively large vehicle that has multiple blindspots. For most drivers vans and SUV’s are the most difficult vehicles to back up, let alone see something small such as a child or toy directly below the rear bumper. This makes them very prone to hitting objects that you cannot directly see. A back up camera eliminates this risk.

items behind vehicle
It’s to easy to run things over behind your vehicle.

Why is this installation more difficult?

Opening tailgates present a unique problem; the wiring must be installed in a way that allows the tailgate to continue to function normally. If unfamiliar, the installation is difficult, we show you how to make the installation a breeze.

backup camera wiring
Here we are feeding the cabling through the factory rubber boot

This in depth video is meant to be a reference manual on how to do the entire installation. Make sure to check out our other videos on back up camera installation and the concepts behind the entire process.

Click on the chapters below to skip ahead or go back to the section that best helps you with your rear view camera installation.

Rosen AV7900 DVD Headrest – Installation Video


Find DVD Headrests for your vehicle: Rosen DVD Headrests

Rosen AV7500 Installation Manual
Rosen AV7900 Installation instructions
Rosen AV7950 DVD Headrests – Installation

We walk you through the entire installation process of adding Vehicle Specific Rosen DVD headrests to a 2010 Acura MDX SUV. The installation is a relatively easy thing to do but does require some disassembly of the vehicle and some automotive wiring know how.

Rosen AV7900 Installed
Rosen AV7900 Installed

Step 1 – Equipment Placement
You will need to find a location to mount the control bow and route the wires. The location that we determined would be the best is under the seat.

Step 2 – Remove the seat back for running wires
The plastic seatback is removed to make way for running the wires in the seat for connection to the control box. Simply pop the pops and slide the seat back down for removal.

Step 3 – Remove the original headrests and insert the AV7950
The removal of the factory headrests is simply a matter of pulling them out through the top. When inserting the replacement headrests you will need to route the wiring.

Step 4 – Routing the wire through to the seat bottom
The wiring is run on the left and right side of the seat back to seat bottom connector bracket. The are factory cables that are run and we run ours the same way.

Step 5 – Tie off cabling
The cabling must be secured to prevent cable damage when the seat is moved. All of our cables are tied to the existing factory cables.

AV7900 Installed in a Land Rover Evoque
AV7900 DVD Headrests installed in a Land Rover Evoque

Step 6 – Prepare seat back for re-installation
Make sure to have the plastic tabs in place so that they are aligned for the re-installation of the seat back.

Step 7 – Route drivers side wiring to control box
To run the drivers side cabling we attach all of the cables underneath the seat to the factory cables. Once completed we make the connection to the control box.

Step 8 – Power connection
To provide power to the system we connected our power lead to the Bluetooth module behind the rear cigarette lighter plug.

Step 9 – Passenger side cabling
To run the passenger side cabling we opted to remove the center console and route the wiring through the console. Once completed we make the connection to the control box.

Step 10 – Verify our connections with a voltmeter
Before turning on the power we verify our connections with a volt meter

Hopefully this video gives you a better idea as to how we install a set of replacement headrests in your vehicle.

AV7950 DVD Headrest installation
We walk you through the entire installation process of adding DVD headrests to your vehicle

Clarus HR-HD-700 Headrest DVD Player – Review

Headrest DVD player


The Clarus HDR-HD-700 Headrest DVD Player is designed to fit on the back of your standard car headrest. The disc player part opens up so you can insert your discs into the machine, then the screen comes down over the top and you can watch the movie seamlessly without having to maneuver the device too much.

When you purchase this DVD player, you actually get two of them, so both headrests can have one. Each DVD player comes fully-equipped with a 7-inch LCD monitor, which means that your passengers sitting in the back seat can easily see the movies without having to sit up close to the screen.

If you or your passengers like to view slideshows or listen to music on DVD players, there is a function on each of these players that allows you to do that. Simply insert a USB drive or an SD card into the appropriate spot on the player, and then set up the device to perform the task that you want. In seconds, you should have a slideshow or a set of music queued up and ready to go.

Your children will get a lot of use out of these DVD players as well, because the units come with pre-installed games. If your children are bored of watching movies while in the car, they can switch over to game mode and start playing one of the many games that are available to them.

How does it Work?

The Clarus HDR-HD-700 Headrest DVD Player work by your installation of each monitor onto the back of your headrest. You may need to do a little bit of wiring in order to make the players work, but once you do, everything should be ready to run.

Will this Item Work on All Vehicles?

Because the Clarus HDR-HD-700 Headrest DVD Player is designed to be universal, you can rest assured that it will fit in all makes and models of vehicles. No matter what the size or shape of your headrest is, these DVD players are built to fit perfectly in place.


  • Pair of DVD players at a reasonable price: approximately $400
  • Fits all vehicles
  • Capable of playing the same DVD or a different one on each screen
  • Built in USB slot and SD card reader
  • Built in gaming function


QMV-X10DVD Overhead DVD Player – Review

Overhead DVD player


The Clarus QMV-X10DVD Overhead DVD Player easily mounts to the inside roof of your vehicle without much difficulty, and the 10-inch monitor points downward, allowing your children easy viewing access from the backseat of the car.

While this is primarily a slot-loading DVD player, there are many other slots attached to this unit as well if you want to use it as a multifunction media device. In fact, there is an HDMI input on the side for connecting a bluray player or other devices that run off of HDMI connections. You also get a USB slot and an SD card slot for the other types of media you may want to queue up to this device for your children to view.

If your kids like to play video games, then they will appreciate the RCA video and audio connections that are available on this DVD player as well. This allows them to hook up some of their favorite game systems and play them through the DVD player as well.

A game remote controller comes with the unit in case your children decide to play their own games or some of the built-in games that come with their movies.

How Does it Work?

When you first purchase the Clarus QMV-X10DVD Overhead DVD Player, you will also be supplied with a mounting bracket that you can attach to the top of your car on the inside. Once you get the bracket installed, you can mount the DVD player to the bracket, and then you will need to hardwire the device into another part of your vehicle for power.

After you get the device all wired up and ready to go, you can then insert a DVD into the side-loading slot, and the movie should start up automatically. When you want to view other devices but use the DVD player’s screen as a monitor, you will simply need to plug in the proper connections on the new device and the DVD player, and then begin using said type of media. However, you may also have to find another power source within your vehicle for the other device you are trying to use.

When it comes to hearing the audio from the device, you can either have your kids use headphones to listen to the movie that is playing, or you can hook up the DVD player to your FM modulator and then have the audio play through your car speakers.

Will this Device work in All Vehicles?

This DVD player should work just fine with all vehicles. There is nothing in the specifications to suggest that it would not be universal. As long as you are able to install the mounting bracket to the top of your vehicle, then DVD player should hook up just fine. You should be able to operate it from within all vehicles as well, as long as you use the standard hardwiring procedures for most vehicles.


  • Reasonably priced—approximately $260
  • Can connect multiple devices and types of media to this unit
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent screen size


  • Requires installation
  • No built-in speakers
  • May be slightly small for larger vehicles

Overhead DVD player in a 2011 Toyota Sienna with Dual sunroofs

Dual Sunroofs with an overhead DVD player

We receive many phone call with concerned customers after they have purchased an overhead dvd player and not remembering that they have a sunroof only to be told by an installer that they cannot use an overhead monitor.

What’s possible?

At Quality Mobile Video we have some of the best installers available and with a little imagination we show you what can be done in a vehicle with dual sunroofs. Today we installed a Gryphon Mobile MV-RF121DVD Overhead DVD player in a 2011 Toyota Sienna with dual sunroofs. This installation was a little more tricky, with the narrow sliver of roof that was available for mounting we had to make sure that we had a large enough foot print to mount the monitor. We used plate steel to make a bracket that would be strong enough to attach the screen. Other that that the installation was exactly the same as any other overhead dvd player installation.

Color to match

The interior of this Toyota Sienna was grey so we chose the grey version of this overhead dvd player to perfectly match this vehicles interior. This monitor is available in three colors unlike some other models that have snap on trims.

Power source

We ran all of the cabling down the A-pillar and were able to grab 12 volts from the factory fuse box located underneath the dash. The Toyota Sienna is a large van with plenty of power and adding this monitor to the vehicle electrical system was no problem.

Swift Hitch SH01 vs. SH02 Wireless Camera System

Swift Hitch SH02 Wireless camera system
Learn all about the Swift Hitch wireless camera systems.

The easiest way to add a temporary camera system

Wireless camera system are the easiest way to add a camera system to any vehicle. The Swift Hitch camera systems are designed for those that have trailers or are commonly towing vehicles. The cameras have built in batteries and magnetic mounts making them perfect for boat yards, quickly hitching vehicles, and those with horse trailers. The trade off is wireless is susceptible to outside noise and interference that can cause usability problems. The Swift Hitch systems have taken this into account and use a digital transmission system that is far less prone to problems making it far more reliable.

Swift Hitch SH01 vs. SH02

There was a time when I wouldn’t recommend any wireless system to anybody regardless of circumstance, that is until the Swift Hitch SH01 and SH02 came along. Both systems come with a rechargeable camera with 10 hour run time for the SH02 and a run time of 3 hours for the SH01. You can easily conserve power with a push of a button. The camera which is relative in size to a small box of matches, attaches to the vehicle with a strong magnetic base, meaning it does require any installation whatsoever. With the built in battery, it requires no drilling, no mounting, no wires!

Camera Features:

The camera is equipped with infrared technology that provides a black and white picture when the camera is in complete darkness. With the high quality CMOS sensor you get excellent picture quality during the day with a great field of view. The camera is well built and designed to withstand commercial use, it’s water resistant and easily tilts for an ideal viewing position.

Monitor features:

The 3.5 inch monitor that comes with this system is also very sturdy and has a 300 ft receiving range all in the palm of your hand. With the extended range and handheld capability this system is such a big hit with companies and people who work with large farm equipment and other large commercial vehicles on a daily basis.

Price difference

The Swift Hitch SH01 is $199.99 and the Swift Hitch SH02 is $239.99.

Other differences:

Other than the battery life, the largest differences between the two systems are a carrying case embedded with protective foam in the SH02 and two small pouches with the SH01. The SH02 also has an additional suction cup set.

Active Headrest DVD player – Installation & Review video

Our entire selection here: Active Headrest DVD Player

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Many of today’s newer vehicles have headrests that cannot be removed without comprimising the safety systems of the vehicle. Active headrests are designed to help prevent whiplash in the event of an accident. This normally makes adding headrest DVD player difficult but we have you covered.

Active Headrest DVD Players are designed to attach to the headrest posts and allow the headrest its full range of motion. Active headrest DVD players are just like every other headrest dvd player in that they allow you to watch the same movie or a seperate movie. The most popular system we offer is the DVD9900 Active Headrest DVD player.

The DVD9900 headrest monitors are easy to install and have a great build quality. In this quick walkthrough, learn how to connect them to virtually any size headrest posts. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Audiovox DVD headrests for Active headrests
Audiovox Active DVD Headrests

Audiovox HR7012 Factory Match DVD Headrests – Review

Find your Audiovox HR7012 DVD Headrest Monitors

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Audiovox is a leading manufacturer of mobile electronics and a provider of factory matched headrest monitor system. These factory matched system offer a wide variety of features that few manufacturers can match. Audiovox headrest systems incorporate HDMI/MHL inputs allowing a connection to your smartphone or car Bluray player.

Factory match Audiovox headrest monitors use all of the same material that’s already in your vehicle, from the leather even down to the stitching, ride with confidence and style. The headrest comply to OEM standards and exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard regulations making them a true OEM replacement part.

The systems offer dual DVD players allowing each child to watch their own movie. It is also possible to configure the system in variety of different ways to suit your budget with single DVD options, dual monitors, etc., the possibilities are virtually endless.

We walk you through the system in our video, take a watch and enjoy.

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Audiovox DVD headrests
Audiovox DVD Headrest review, we show you through the HR7012 headrests

Audiovox DVD headrests
Audiovox DVD Headrest review, we show you through the HR7012 headrests

Customer Service Parody – Mega retailers and large e-commerce

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At Quality Mobile Video we like to have a little fun. We have a passionate group of employees and we though it would be fun to do a commercial. We know what it is like to purchase products from large e-commerce mega retailers and big box electronics stores. We know that customer service is not always great with other companies and we strive to be the best. We have a knowledgable staff that can answer your questions the first time. We are sure you can relate to the way Perfect Purchase a mega-stor approaches it, we think you can relate. Let us know what youthink!

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