How to video – Backup Camera Installation

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  1. Real Thivierge says:

    I need help with installing a backup camera for a toyota corolla 2011. camera model is QC-CCRL36
    on a Car DVD GPS Android 4.4.4 Wifi Mirror Link Stereo For Toyota Corolla 2011. Need assistance to connect wire. Thank you

  2. Ulhas says:

    HI thank you for awesome video I havery followed all your instruction and have successfully installed reversing mirror view camera. However I have 3 questions
    1. I have forgotten to wrap insulation tape on wiring harness for entire length from fusebox to rear tail light / camera will it be a problem ?
    2 As I was not sure if wire gauge and had only 16 gauge wire I have used 2 x 16AWG wires between camera and fuse box is this okay?
    3 I have used wago connectors will it be okay?

    • QMV-Lorenzo says:
      1. 1. No this will not be an issue, we do it to add protection to the wire and to make it look nice.
      2. 2. 16 gauge is plenty large for a back up camera, just make sure you have a fuse on the wire.
      3. 3. These connectors will be fine.
  3. Bill C Riemers says:

    Overall, a fairly high quality video. I ran into a problem with the one I purchased on amazon. One end of the cable had the camera the other had a jack to plugin to the mirror. There seemed to be no way to run it through with the manufacture wiring short of cutting it. The second problem I ran into is the actual wire was 6 inches too short to run it all way around even in the shortest distance through the molding. I ended up taking a diagonal above the passenger seat and using Velcro. Obviously a hack. I’m trying to decide if I should cut the wire or buy an extension cable for a more permanent solution.

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